Sacramento Wayzgoose 2019: let’s get started!

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Obviously there’s not much here yet, because all we have so far is a general idea and a date: August 24, 2019.

But there will be more soon! Our vision is to connect older craftspeople – printers, typesetters, signpainters, bookmakers and graphic artists – with the amateur and professional design and book arts community, to reintroduce these crafts and pass on technique, stories, and more.

So far we're planning on having printing demonstrations – and maybe some hands-on workshops – as well as portfolio and project sharing; talks on metal and wood typesetting, printing, type design, and bookbinding; and a few short film screenings.

If you'd like to:

  • be involved in planning,
  • attend,
  • sponsor, or
  • present at the event,

please drop us a line at!