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How Do Traditional Pergolas Compare to Their Modern Counterparts?


There are what builders consider to be more traditional or old-fashioned pergolas, and then there are newer or more modern ones. There are some distinct differences between them. You will need to consider which style of pergola is ideal for your needs.

You can visit to check out some options. In the meantime, let’s look at the differences between so-called traditional pergolas and some of the more modern options that you’ll find on the market today.

What is a Traditional Pergola? 

One of the best ways to tell when you’re looking at a “traditional” pergola is by taking note of the building material composing it. The traditional pergola uses wood. The other thing you’ll likely notice about it is the amount of detail evident in the design.

 Traditional pergolas are created to appear ornate or even ostentatious. The more details and the more elaborate the design, the more certain you can be that you’re looking at a traditional pergola.

What is a Modern Pergola?

 By contrast, the modern pergola might use something besides wood for the majority of its composition. Glass and metal are used liberally when a company creates a modern pergola for you. Some of them look positively like modern art when compared to traditional pergolas, which with their wooden elements look like something you might find in the middle of a field in Medieval times.

The other aspect of modern pergolas that you’ll likely notice is their design’s simplicity. They often seem utilitarian compared to traditional ones. You probably won’t see gilt scrollwork carved into the wood or anything like that.   

Which is the Better Option for You?

When looking at the various pergola designs that are on the market these days, you’ll need to think about what kind of an aesthetic you’re going for with your selection. If you have an old-fashioned house like a Victorian, you might want to go with a traditional pergola because it won’t look out of place. If you have a newer-style home, such as a raised ranch or a bungalow, getting a modern pergola with its glass and metal seems like a more logical choice.

Old-fashioned pergolas are also not usually designed with modern elements like built-in heating or lighting systems, automatic louvers, and so forth. You can sometimes retrofit older pergolas with these things, but that is usually difficult and costly.

Modern pergolas are also a lot more likely to be free-standing structures, so if that’s what you’re looking for, take that into account. They will probably have clean lines and seem stylish and sleek.

If you have an older house, though, that might be exactly the opposite of what you want. A pergola that seems completely incongruous with the rest of the house might be fine when you’re living there. If a time comes when you want to sell the property, though, some home buyers may not like the contrast.

Consider each of these factors carefully before you make your final decision on pergola styles.

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