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4 Main Roofing Styles to Consider for Your Modern Home

A robust, appealing, practical roof is an excellent investment for a habitable, long-lasting home. While beautifully designed roofs are more costly than standard ones, a beautiful roof design improves your home value in the long run. However, to achieve the perfect roofing style, it’s important to understand the main roofing options for residential homes. Whether building a new home or replacing your existing roof, here are the four main roofing styles to consider.

Gable Roofing

A gable roof is the most popular style and can be recognized by its triangular shape. The roof is easier to construct as it’s simply one side up and the other side down and can accept almost any roofing material, including metal shingles and tiles. They’re loved for their ability to shed water easily and allow more ventilation into the house. Gable roofs come in four types: dutch gables, crossed gables, front gables, and side gables:

  • Dutch gables: These are a combination of hip and gable roofs constructed by installing a gable roof on top of a hip roof to create more space.

  • Crossed gables: These are achieved when two gable roof sections are placed together at a right angle against each other. While they can be placed at equal pitch, height, and length, this is not always the case and usually depends on the house’s specific shape and measurements.

  • Front gables: These are the exact gable roofing styles you see in colonial-style houses and are usually installed at the front of a house, hence the name.

  • Side gables: These are two equal roofing sides pitched at an angle in the middle of the building. They are the most common gable roofing and also the simplest to build.

Regardless of the type of gable roofing you choose, always ensure you work with a professional roofing team for perfect installation. If you’re in Barrie, you’re better off working with an experienced Barrie roofing company.

Hip Roofing

Hip roofs are also a common sighting in the roofing world and would easily be confused for gable roofs, except that they have four sloping sides instead of two. All the sides of a hip roof slope downward toward the walls with equal measurements on all sides. Just as they have four sides supporting the roof structure, they’re considered stronger than gable roofing and are more durable depending on the materials used.

Mansard/French Roofing

These four-sided roofing types with double slopes on each side are constructed to meet a flat top to create a low-pitched roof. The common and most durable materials you can use here include slate shingles, copper, zinc, and wood. You can choose the material that best meets your design needs and budget. Copper and zinc are considered the most expensive but are more durable than wood or slate shingles.

Shed Roofing

These are single-sloping roofs attached to a taller wall, which allows for the roof to slope in a preferred direction. They’re also called lean-to roofs because they can be constructed leaning into an already existing building. While the most common instances of shed roofing are in home additions, many modern homeowners are using them as independent home roofs. The roofs are easy to assemble and suitable for rainy regions.


The roofing style you consider for your modern home depends on a lot of factors but, revolving around these four styles can help you narrow down your choices. Once you find a perfect style that suits your house’s design, ensure you pick equally appealing and durable materials to match it up. 

partnered post • image by Dillon Kydd on Unsplash