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How to Turn Your Pergola Into a Fully Functioning Outdoor Office Space

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There are all kinds of things that you can potentially do with a pergola. You can always have cookouts there or set up a hammock and take naps, but maybe you have a different idea in mind entirely. Some people turn backyard pergolas into outdoor office spaces, and it’s not as difficult as you might imagine.

Something like an adjustable 12x20 pergola might be perfect. Before you get one, though, you should think about the details involved if you plan to turn it into a fully functional outdoor office space. There are a few key features that you will need to look into to make this vision a reality.

You Will Need Protection from the Elements

The main thing it’s natural to think about with outdoor pergolas that you’re going to use for work is protection from the elements. It won’t do for you to get rained or snowed on while you’re out there trying to work.

That means looking at your pergola’s ceiling. Some pergolas come with beams overhead that will keep the structure stable, but they will allow precipitation to fall down onto whoever’s inside it.

You will need to buy a pergola with a strong roof that won’t allow any leaks. That’s the first logical step toward creating an outdoor office space inside your pergola.

You Will Need a Stable Foundation on Which to Put the Pergola

The pergola’s foundation matters just as much. You can always set up your pergola out on the grass of your lawn, but that’s probably not sufficient if you plan to use it as an office space.

Instead, you will likely need to set up your pergola on a deck. If you have a deck in your backyard that’s in good condition, it should be fine for accommodating a pergola. This way, you won’t have to worry about the structure shifting if there’s a flash flood or anything similar.  

You Will Need Portable Office Equipment

Next, you will need office furniture in your pergola. That will likely include a desk, a chair, and anything else you need to do your work.

You’ll need to find a desk and chair that is ergonomic and in which you feel comfortable. It must be the right size for the pergola. You will also probably need to buy a laptop rather than a desktop. You can easily carry a laptop into and out of the pergola when you go back there to work.

You’ll Need Ways to Control the Pergola’s Temperature

Your pergola’s temperature will also matter if you are going to be working back there. If you’re there in the hotter summer months, then you will likely want to buy a couple of tower-style fans to keep you cool. If you’re back there during the winter, then getting some space heaters will be a smart move.

When all these considerations have been dealt with, you should end up with a pergola that you can use as a comfortable and fully functioning outdoor office space.  

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