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10 Upgrades And Ideas For A More Luxurious Bathroom


An upgraded bathroom is necessary in today’s competitive real estate market. And it is especially important if you live in a city like Tampa, FL, where the prices of homes increase almost every year. According to Yahoo Finance, the homes in Tampa were sold for a median price of $417,500, which is much more than the national median sale price - $388,800! So, if you already have a home in Tampa, it would be best to upgrade it instead of thinking about purchasing a new one.

On the other hand, rents are going down! According to Zumper, the average rent for a studio apartment was $1,607 as of August 2023, which is 11% less than the previous year. Hence, if you ever think about renting out your property, a happening bathroom can add more appeal.

Apart from the value a bathroom can add to your home’s market value, an upgrade is necessary for your comfort. Updating your bathroom can enhance your overall quality of life by providing a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment.

So, let’s look at some luxurious upgrades that can spruce up your bathroom.

1) Use high-end materials

Some materials are specially designed for bathrooms. These include marble, granite, or onyx for countertops, floors, and accents. 

Marble is a classic and timeless choice known for its luxurious appearance. It has different colors and patterns that add character to your bathroom. Granite, on the other hand, is durable, resistant to scratches, and offers a natural, textured look.

2) Upgrade your tub

Upgrading a tub enhances bathroom aesthetics and functionality. Modern tubs offer hydrotherapy options and improved materials. However, always contact experts when you want a complete remodel. For instance, Tampa has a subtropical climate characterized by high humidity levels, which can lead to nasty mold and mildew growth. Tampa bathroom remodeling experts can ensure every fixture is according to the city’s climate.

For a more luxurious and spa-like experience, both jetted and air bathtubs provide a spa-like feeling alongside therapeutic benefits. Hydrotherapy can help reduce stress, alleviate muscle aches, improve blood circulation, and promote relaxation. 

3) Add Smart features

Integrating smart features into your bathroom, such as smart mirrors and toilets, can enhance convenience and comfort. The availability of smart mirrors with built-in lighting, Bluetooth music, and touch controls adds a modern and tech-savvy element to your bathrooms.

Similarly, heated toilet seats offer comfort during colder months and add a touch of luxury to your bathroom experience. Hence, incorporating smart elements adds a futuristic touch to your bathroom design, enhancing its overall aesthetic.

4) Use adequate lighting

To craft an enchanting bathroom ambiance, embrace a mix of lighting techniques: ambient, task, and accent. Ambient lighting can illuminate the entire bathroom, while task lighting ensures clear visibility for grooming. Implementing dimmable LED lighting enhances energy efficiency and customization, letting you adjust brightness levels.

Accent lighting adds depth and intrigue, transforming the mundane into magnificent. Adjustable wall-mounted fixtures work their magic, creating a gallery-like atmosphere where details shine.

5) Add some luxury toiletries

Imagine a hotel suite where the air carries the soothing scent of premium soaps and lotions. We all love the luxury hotel bathrooms provide. However, you can bring the same ambiance home by investing in top-notch, beautifully packaged toiletries. Rich, moisturizing hand soaps, aromatic body washes, and lavish shampoos will surely give your bathroom that hotel-like feel. You can add soft, plush towels and cozy bathrobes to increase comfort. Placing some beautiful flowers adds a touch of natural beauty to the bathroom, brightening the space and adding colors.

6) Opt for a soft color palette

Select a soft color palette that exudes tranquility and serenity. Go for a calming color scheme with gentle, neutral tones like pure whites, creamy hues, subtle pale blues, or muted earthy shades. These understated colors blend seamlessly for a visually soothing ambiance that stimulates calmness.

Opt for semi-gloss or satin-finish paints for moisture resistance and easy maintenance. Seek out mildew-resistant or waterproof choices to prevent mold growth. Acrylic or latex paints are ideal for their durability and water-based composition.

7) Add music

Immerse yourself in a soothing, musical experience with various options tailored for the bathroom environment. Waterproof or water-resistant Bluetooth speakers offer versatility, allowing you to position them strategically on countertops, shelves, or walls. 

While enjoying the music, be mindful of acoustic factors and prioritize safety with water-resistant or waterproof devices.

8) Add Glass enclosures

Incorporating frameless glass enclosures for showers is the best way to add a luxurious touch to your bathroom design. These enclosures open up the space, creating an airy, opulent ambiance that instantly elevates the bathroom's aesthetic. Beyond the visual appeal, frameless enclosures offer easy maintenance and a modern look.

9) Embrace Nature

Embrace nature's serenity by integrating indoor plants or a living wall into your bathroom. This botanical infusion revitalizes the space, infusing it with lush greenery and a breath of fresh air. Indoor plants soften the environment, creating a soothing oasis for relaxation.

Plants that are suitable for the bathroom are:

  • Snake Plant (Sansevieria)
  • Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)
  • Ferns (Boston Fern, Maidenhair Fern)
  • Bamboo (Lucky Bamboo)
  • Aloe Vera

10) Include Spa-like accessories

Incorporating spa-inspired accessories elevates the ambiance and comfort of a space, capturing the opulent and calming essence of a spa setting. These additions evoke feelings of indulgence, serenity, and self-pampering. Consider introducing a bath tray for books, tablets, or a glass of wine, along with loofahs and exfoliators for a skin-refreshing touch. These elements not only transform your routine but completely redefine it. Your bathroom evolves from mere functionality to a welcoming sanctuary, inviting you to relax, rejuvenate, and embrace self-care in a whole new way.


A luxurious bathroom isn’t just about adding expensive fixtures; it’s about creating a relaxing experience. Consider your preferences and that of your partner (if you have one).  Remember, everyone has a different idea of luxury. Whether it's making minor aesthetic tweaks or getting major work done that requires a bathroom remodeler’s services, focus on what makes a bathroom comfortable and lavish for you. So, roll up your sleeves, channel your inner innovator, and relish the process. Don't hesitate to consult experts; it’ll save you from a lot of hassle and costly repairs should you DIY and ruin the project! Happy remodeling!

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6 Tips for Making Your Long-Distance Move Less of a Headache


Whether you’re relocating for better housing or greater career opportunities, moving to a new neighborhood comes with its fair share of excitement and challenges. Packing up your life, saying goodbye to your friends and family, and starting a new chapter in a completely new place can be quite overwhelming. However, your long-distance move can be a smooth and stress-free experience with the right mindset and planning. In this article, we'll share some helpful tips to make your long-distance move less of a headache. From planning and packing to updating your documents and managing finances, we've got you covered. So, let's get started!

1. Make a Moving Checklist

Long-distance moving can be stressful for the best of us, and it is easy to get bogged down and lose track of things. Creating a checklist will help you sort out your priorities. From canceling bills and updating bank info to packing and getting parking permits, checklists help you organize your process and make moving less chaotic. You can jot down the more pressing tasks first, so you attend to them sooner. Also, consider assigning a date to every task so you can have a designated timeframe for every job. Remember to keep the checklist realistic and easy to complete.

2. Hire Professional Movers

You may think you can handle the shipping arrangements alone, but it’s not nearly as easy as it looks! Enlisting the help of the best long distance movers has many advantages. First of all, it saves you from the hassle of packing, labeling, and shipping your belongings. Professional movers optimize space during loading and unloading, reducing the risk of damage. They can provide specialized equipment and techniques that simplify the process. You also don’t have to deal with border patrol and customs (if you’re moving abroad), as skilled movers are adept at managing these formalities. Moreover, it also saves time and energy, which can be spent on other, more meaningful tasks. Research is crucial when hiring moving services, as not all movers offer quality, reliability, and expertise. So do your due diligence.

3. Organize Your Possessions

A long-distance move is the perfect opportunity to figure out what you need and don’t. Go through your possessions and categorize them based on their importance and sentimental value. If you find an object you’re not particularly fond of, leave it. It is best to leave behind unnecessary items rather than bring them along when you move to a new home. Split your belongings into three categories: Take, Sell, and Donate. Take the essentials such as furniture, lighting fixtures, appliances, clothing, and other intimate items. Sell things you don’t use often; the one-year rule will help you here. If you haven’t used it in a year, you probably don’t need it, so out it goes. It will free up space when moving, and the money generated can be used to offset the moving costs. Donate used clothes, toys, and books to local charities or thrift stores. Also, ensure your new house is spacious enough to accommodate the stuff you bring along.

4. Update Your Documents

Important information such as bank accounts, insurance coverages, school enrollments, and car payments are directly linked to your address. Overlooking these may result in missed bills, fines, or, the worst of the bunch, a bad credit score. Before moving, make sure to notify all authorities of your relocation. Many of these services offer online address changes; make sure you update them accordingly. If you previously owned a home, transferring ownership to the new owner is essential. Otherwise, you’ll still be liable to pay the property tax. Proper documentation will help you comfortably embark on your long-distance move and ensure all your affairs are in order.

5. Budget Your Move

Moving, let alone moving long distances, can be a costly endeavor. Packing your essentials, hiring movers, and missing work to oversee the process can throw a wrench into your finances. Before moving, take the time to reflect on your financial situation and create a realistic budget. Set aside money for packing, moving, and other expenses, and leave extra cash in your account for emergencies. Research the cost of living in your new neighborhood and compare the price of healthcare and housing. Leading up to the move, try to save as much as possible. To reduce the stress and cost of long-distance moving, move during the off-season; summers are usually the most expensive as many people try to travel without worrying about snow and closed roads. Get moving insurance to curtail losses; this may seem counter-intuitive but trust us, it will be helpful.

6. Leave Time For Moving

Relocating and settling into a new house takes time. Many people make the mistake of starting just before the big day. This leads to them frantically making travel arrangements and canceling plans last minute. Therefore, as soon as you decide on a date to move, start packing. Account for unexpected delays by leaving ample time; house repairs and other adjustments are more common than you think.

Moreover, try to arrive at your destination a few days before your commitments: school and work. It lets you settle in without rushing to unpack. Set aside some time to clean up your old space. This is merely a courtesy, but such gestures go a long way.

Final Words

Leaving your home behind and starting afresh is not easy. The added pressure of planning and organizing your move make it all the more difficult. However, with proper planning, you can ensure a smooth and seamless transition into the new chapter of your life. Making a travel checklist with all the particulars, hiring reputable movers, organizing your possessions and finances, and setting enough time aside for moving are all excellent ways to create a stress-free long-distance move. It is normal to experience anxiety during times of change, but with these helpful tips, you can effortlessly adapt to your new life.

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9 Design Elements of the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen


Outdoor kitchens have evolved beyond the basic grill and patio table. With the right design elements, your outdoor kitchen and eating area can become just as useful as your indoor kitchen. If you enjoy spending time outside, you can add useful elements like outdoor high-tech appliances and stylish elements like the best pergola 12x16. Read on to find out more about the nine design elements for the perfect outdoor kitchen.

1. Spend Time Researching Your Ideal Outdoor Kitchen

Before you begin building your outdoor kitchen, look around to find examples that you love. Many exceptional outdoor kitchens have innovative grills, outdoor bars, and seating areas. However, you can get more creative and build a space with a functional sink, an outdoor refrigerator, smokers, and more. When you look at kitchen ideas, reflect on how they fit in with your outdoor setting and enhance the nature around you.

2. Consider Your Available Space

Even the most thoughtfully planned kitchens still need access to the inside. You’ll want to be sure your outdoor kitchen gives you easy access to the inside of your home. If you need to add plumbing and electrical wiring, consider how your contractors will hide the foundational components, especially if they have to dig to hide pipes and wires.

Measure your area to determine what you must have and how much space it will take. Once you know how much space you have, you can begin buying items to fill it. Don’t forget to leave some outdoor space for your garden and other recreational activities.

3. Will You Stay or Go?

Some homeowners decide to build their outdoor kitchens with portable appliances. If you think you’ll move, you can take those portable items with you. If you plan to stay in your forever home, then adding permanent pieces is a good choice. You’ll be able to enjoy them for many years to come. You could also mix portability and permanence by choosing a built-in grill, but using portable carts and islands to enhance it. If you choose permanent items, consider hiring a contractor who can build customized grills and add exterior elements that are built to last.

4. What is Your Budget?

As with any home renovation project, you should set a budget. Outdoor kitchen appliances and furniture items are available in a wide range of price points. As outdoor furniture styles don’t change much, you can save money by purchasing items at the end of the season.

If you hire a contractor, you’ll have to pay for labor, which can easily eat up any budget. You could also hire a designer, who can help you stay within your budget. If you need any contractor work, get bids from several sources so you can find the price that works for your budget and goals.

5. How Do You Like to Cook?

Before you visit your big box store to buy the best new grill, think about your cooking preferences. You could choose grills that cook with gas, propane, electricity, or charcoal. You could also choose a traditional grill with grates or the latest high-tech flat-top griddle. Some grills have burners so you can cook with traditional pots and pans.

You’ll also want to decide where you do your food prep. If you plan to prep inside, you won’t need counter space outside. However, if you plan to do all the work outside, you’ll want enough space to prepare your food. Having an outdoor sink will make food prep easier, and consider having a compost area to dispose of food scraps in an eco-friendly way. It’s also helpful to plan your outdoor eating area to fit your family and friends. It’s easier to install large appliances now rather than retrofit them later.

6. What’s the Weather?

Where you live should factor into your outdoor kitchen planning. If you live in an area of the world with constant warm weather, then you’ll have more options for your outdoor kitchen. You won’t have to winterize the appliances or put away the furniture when the seasons change. However, you will have to consider the heat, which is why you should consider pergolas and sunshades to stay out of the sun.

It’s also helpful to build your kitchen in an area that is protected from the wind and sun. Choose a spot that gets more shade so your kitchen items don’t get damaged by the weather. Consider buying covers or a shed if you have to put away items for the winter.

7. Maintain Your Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen needs maintenance, just like your indoor kitchen. Keeping things covered and out of the elements can extend their lifespan. If you’re near saltwater, you’ll want to clean debris off the appliances. Trees can also do damage, especially if they drop sap, leaves, and branches. When you aren’t using your outdoor kitchen, cover as many items as possible to protect them from the elements.

8. Look for Durable Outdoor Materials

If you are building a permanent outdoor kitchen, consider using building materials that are designed to last. Your kitchen should coordinate with your home, so consider using similar brick, concrete, marble, or stucco details. The appliances and furniture items should be made for outdoor use, too. Consider putting some items on wheels, so you can store them when they aren’t in use.

9. Remain in Control

It’s easy to get carried away when building an outdoor kitchen. Some people have outdoor kitchens with more features than their indoor kitchens. Before you begin building, ask yourself a few questions and answer the questions realistically:

  • Who will use the kitchen?
  • How often will we use the kitchen?
  • What type of cooking will we use outside?

Some families build their kitchens incrementally. They might start with a grill, a built-in bar, and a table, then add appliances as they find themselves spending more time in the outdoor kitchen. Create a blueprint and build it to meet your needs. Your kitchen doesn’t have to be completed overnight, and building it over the course of several seasons can make it an enjoyable project.

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7 Unexpected Health Benefits of Home Renovation


If you have ever observed your home and contemplated the necessity for certain modifications, you should find solace in knowing that you are not alone. Home renovations have become a prevalent endeavor among homeowners, as evidenced by a statistical report indicating that approximately 55% of homeowners in the United States have reported undertaking renovation projects within the past year.

If we examine the cost aspect through a region-specific lens, it’s worth noting that home renovation expenses in Louisville, for instance, can range from $29,803 to $43,209. These figures provide a glimpse into the financial considerations associated with such endeavors within a specific city.

While home renovations can undoubtedly entail a considerable amount of stress and represent a substantial financial investment, it’s essential to acknowledge that they also present numerous potential positive impacts on your health. In certain instances, these additional advantages alone may warrant the decision to embark upon a home remodel project, despite the associated costs and challenges. 

Here, we'll mention a few health benefits associated with home renovations.

Create Relaxing Escapes at Home

Allocating personal time for relaxation is essential for a healthy lifestyle. However, for numerous busy homeowners, designating time for a well-deserved spa getaway and financial feasibility may be challenging. Nonetheless, through a bathroom remodel, an opportunity arises to fashion a sanctuary reminiscent of a spa within the confines of your residence. By incorporating features such as jetted tubs, rainfall shower heads, and integrated music systems, a home remodel project can transform your bathroom into an idyllic haven, offering an ideal setting for much-needed repose.

But to ensure a successful and satisfying bathroom remodel, it’s imperative to enlist the services of a reputable and skilled bathroom remodeling contractor in your city, let’s say, Louisville. Hiring a competent professional in this field can significantly contribute to the overall outcome of your project.

If you’re a resident of Louisville, it’s best to hire a top Louisville bathroom remodeling company like Windows Direct USA. This award-winning remodeling company specializes in bathroom renovations and provides homeowners with a wide selection of comprehensive remodeling services. By engaging the services of this esteemed remodeler, you can rest assured that your remodeling needs will be skillfully addressed with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to delivering unparalleled results.

Instills a Sense of Autonomy

The concept of control and autonomy holds significant psychological value in relation to our homes. When individuals have a degree of influence over their living spaces, their homes become an extension of their identity. It goes beyond a mere collection of possessions, as homes also serve as repositories for essential life experiences and cherished memories. For example, the kitchen table represents more than a place to dine; it becomes a space where loved ones gather to share food and drink and the joys, successes, disappointments, and worries of their lives.

Although we may not always consciously make these connections, renovating rooms within our homes gives us a sense of autonomy over our environments. This empowerment leads to many additional benefits contributing to our well-being and satisfaction.

Improved Eating Habits

Based on findings from a comprehensive study, it was revealed that a noteworthy proportion of homeowners (precisely one-third) who underwent a kitchen remodel reported adopting a healthier lifestyle. This positive change manifested in various ways, including a greater inclination towards home-cooked meals, reduced dining out frequency, and increased consumption of fruits and vegetables. 

This phenomenon can be attributed to the inherent logic that when individuals have an affinity for a particular space, they naturally gravitate towards spending more time within it.

Mitigation Of Stress and Anxiety

Considering the size of one's family and the regular influx of individuals traversing through the household daily, it is conceivable that one's home becomes subject to a substantial degree of activity and commotion. By renovating one's home, one can purposefully establish designated "safe" zones or tranquil spaces where respite from the constant hustle and bustle of daily life can be sought. This deliberate creation of serene environments facilitates a notable reduction in stress and anxiety levels, fostering a heightened sense of comfort within the confines of one's home.

Enhanced Social Connections

A notable observation found that 40% of homeowners who undertook a kitchen remodel reported an increase in the time dedicated to hosting social gatherings. Global research consistently underscores the profound association between friendships and overall well-being. Notably, Harvard researchers have highlighted the positive impact of robust social ties on brain health, particularly in the context of aging individuals.

Sense Of Achievement and Fulfillment

As individuals, we possess an inherent inclination towards productivity and advancement. Our innate design does not align with a sedentary lifestyle characterized by aimless activities such as extensive Netflix marathons or prolonged engagement in video games like Call of Duty. Instead, we thrive on projects yielding tangible outcomes, providing us with a sense of motivation and purpose. Pursuing endeavors that offer definitive results becomes a driving force, enabling us to experience a profound sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Individuals committed to environmental preservation appreciate the benefits a remodeling project can offer to bolster energy efficiency, consequently fostering a sustainable environment for future generations. A significant number of homeowners have opted for eco-friendly appliances in recent times. These appliances are designed to be at least 10% more energy efficient than homes constructed to standard code, with an average improvement of 20%.

Additionally, contemporary fixtures such as faucets and toilets are often engineered with low-flow mechanisms, promoting the conservation of water resources. Moreover, utilizing eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and reclaimed wood aligns with current trends and upholds sustainability principles.


Embarking on a home renovation project offers numerous potential benefits beyond the physical transformation of living spaces. The mental health benefits of home renovations, such as creating relaxing bathroom sanctuaries, instilling a sense of autonomy, and fostering healthier eating habits, can significantly contribute to overall well-being and satisfaction. In light of these considerations, homeowners can confidently embark on home renovation projects, knowing that they have the potential to improve their living environments, mental well-being, social connections, and environmental impact.

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