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8 Ways to Add Value to an Old Home


House prices and mortgage rates are rising after the pandemic, making it more important than ever to increase the value of your home.

Renovating your home is expensive, time-consuming, and messy. Despite all this, most people choose to improve their homes for the long haul. Home renovations enhance not only your home's appearance but also its market value. 

So, if you have finally decided to give your old home a revamp, you've come to the right place. Today, we will look at some amazing home makeover ideas that completely transform your old house into a brand new one.

Are you ready for the job? Here are a few fantastic decor ideas that will give you a new look within no time and at a low cost!

However, before you start the makeover process, you must prep your home for it in advance.

How to Get Your Home Ready for a Renovation?

The first step to preparing your home for renovation is to get rid of all the excess items. Your home's appearance will improve significantly if you get rid of clutter, not to mention the benefit of freeing up space for renovations. Also, your stuff will be safe in storage from all the dust, paint splatter, etc., while renovations take place.

Likewise, get your house checked before starting the renovations. Usually, asbestos is found in the roofs of old homes, so you should hire professionals to check for it. And if, unfortunately, it is found at your place, then call for asbestos removal services to get it removed. You can begin the renovation once you are sure your house is safe.

Makeover Ideas to Add Value to Your Old Home

Now let's look at some incredible ideas that'll definitely increase the value of your place.

Enhance Curbside Appeal

You must know that first impression matters, and trust us, they actually do. So, to make a lasting impression, start with the outside. You can make an impact by hiring a landscaping company or choosing a color for your front door.

Therefore, you need to get creative with your entrance. People first notice your entrance when they arrive at your house. Hence, your entrance should awe the guests entering your place. It's not that hard to create one, either. Try warming up your entrance walls, and everything will seem more welcoming. You can also spruce up things by hanging some art. Lastly, make your hallway seem longer with long runners and overhead lighting.

Bringing New Life to Kitchen Cabinets

Nothing can give your home a more cave-like feel than a kitchen built with dark cabinets that block all the light. However, one does not have to start from scratch to give something a brighter look. Cleaning and painting the frame and doors of a dreary kitchen can make it bright and cheerful within a weekend. A paintbrush, sandpaper, and some strong cleaner chemicals are all you need to get the job done. It is not necessary to worry about the cost of the transformation since even the cheapest new cabinets are more expensive than the old ones.

Give Your Rooms a New Look with Paint

A little flirtation with new paint ideas can do wonders. You can bring those boring, washed-out walls back to life with just a paint can. A coat of paint works by rearranging your perception of the world. Because of its simplicity, painting is one of the most popular DIY home improvement projects.

It takes more than just color to make a wall look good. You can learn how to do this even if you aren't an expert. From scratching the pole sander to feathering the brush, you can easily find tons of videos on YouTube about painting your walls at home

Install a new front door

Upon entering your home, people are immediately drawn to your front door. Therefore, you might want to consider replacing it or revamping it. You can upgrade your entry door from a steel door to one with a lot more character for about $100 to $200. Alternatively, if you cannot afford a new door, you can paint it an attractive color to fix it. You should work on your front door and curb appeal to make your place more appealing.

Your vacated fireplace needs some love

The perfect time to give your fireplace a new life is when it is empty. A new look can be achieved by using different styles. Fireplaces can even be used as miniature art displays to add some texture to your home. Your fireplace is the perfect place for displaying your artifact collection. Make the fireplace mantle a focal point by displaying pottery and artwork.

Renovating and restoring hardwood floors

Older homes are more likely to have hardwood floors under carpets. If your floors squeak, they are probably made of wood. If you are unsure, lift a corner of your carpet in an unnoticeable place. Refinishing wood floors will cost less than installing new flooring if you want to restore them to their original glory. 

Keeping fixtures up to date

A switch plate, curtain rod, outlet cover, door knob, and light fixture can transform your home's curb appeal for just a few dollars. The cost of attractive metal switch plates and outlet covers can be as low as $5 each. Decorative curtain rods or expensive light fixtures may be out of reach, but spray painting an inexpensive one can make it look elegant. Choosing colors and finishes that appeal to a wide audience is important if you plan to sell your house. 

A simple approach is the best

Simplicity is the key, as you must have heard. It is certainly the case, especially today when minimalism is so in vogue. You should begin decluttering your home if you want to transform your space into a trendy one. 

A great solution to this issue is to buy fewer items, as a cluttered home will not look good. As a result, your space will appear cleaner because it will be less crowded. For a house to feel spacious, it should have plenty of space. Make the room seem spacious by placing only the necessary items in it.

Final Words!

These are just a few of the many ways you can give your old place a revamp and increase its worth. You can use these tips whenever you decide to remodel your home. So happy renovating!

partnered post • photo by Blue Bird at Pexels