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Why Do You Need to Consider Building Single-Story Houses in Australia?

Contact RBWA to start building your single-story home in Australia. They can assist you in maximizing a small space rather than searching for a greater parcel of land. This is the right method with regard to the limited land offers in Australia in the past years. For that reason, it is nonsense to buy a huge lot if the area is not well-occupied. 


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Many families who want to reside abroad think about Australia. It has a tranquil climate and pleasant spots to visit. Most of the houses are modern-looking to impress every passerby. This also benefits a household planning to sell the property in the future.

Hence, working with the right builder can help to finish a house project every step of the way from purchasing land to construction. 

Benefits of Single-Story Building

Living in a single-story home was the standard in earlier years. It has a more straightforward gaze but will secure better protection over the household. A couple of home buyers will pick this one for the following reasons:

  • Cost-Efficient 

Single-story houses require less proportion of materials and labor than two-story buildings. As a result, you can save money for other things with a lower initial cost. The price of a lot increases as the square per meter requirement expands. Accordingly, it is best to erect a home in a small lot and be more sapient in using the allotted space. 

Properties in Australia are made of thermal devices to ensure comfort. This is cheaper than other climate control gadgets and therefore will reduce your expenses in the long run. 

That being said, choosing to build a single-story home is best for people with a strict spending plan yet expecting a relaxing home.

  • Has Better Appeal 

Home building on an interstate needs to be extra to leave a good impression on road passers. Fixing your house’s exterior even with a little parcel of land is possible with the help of professional builders. This must not compromise an adequate space for everybody. It is perhaps the reason why home buyers in Australia create wide patios to accommodate guests. 

The market brings to the table endless home plans to pick from. The home choice will rely upon the number of families and your approach to everyday life.

  • Kid and Senior-Friendly 

Certain individuals may not go well with two-story houses due to the risk of falling on stairs. Correspondingly, a one-story home is a better choice while living with little kids and seniors to avoid likely disasters. 

One best way to reduce accidents is to construct easy-to-reach storage for each room. Additionally, place fragile stuff in secured areas to protect playful kids. 

  • Enhances Relationship 

Residing in a single-floor home causes everyone to communicate more often. It likewise energizes relationships in the family compared to living in bigger houses. You can spend more time with your loved ones in a single spot, unlike double-story houses that have bigger rooms. 

  • Less Maintenance 

Settling on one-story houses will help you with simple upkeep. There will be less time needed to clean the area. In the case of repair and replacement of parts, it is unlike a double-story house that will last for a longer period. 

Part of maintenance is repainting the walls which seems easier with one-story houses. No need for additional gear to reach elevated areas, such as the roof and the ceiling. There will be a decline in any misfortune along with maintenance. 

Its interior is easy to vacuum to eliminate dirt and other residues. It is ideal to start cleaning the rooms and afterward the kitchen and living room. A few Aussies choose to hire a professional cleaner for housekeeping, however, you can do the task alone.

  • Can Be Modified

Building a home may require upgrading some of its parts in the future. This is to satisfy your lifestyle, so a bit of change must take place. 


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Unlike double-story houses, one-story homes have an open-plan design. This gives you the freedom to alter the home appearance whenever you want to. 

You can conclude whether it would be low or high-roof. High-roof is a superior decision for little houses to expand the space and furthermore exploit natural light. Adding entryways and windows that you think fit the general home plan is crucial to complete your home. 

Like other locals, Aussies adore simple-looking houses and yet well-cultivated. They often add a garage and a balcony to cater to any social event. 

The home design should rely on many factors, including your budget and long-period lifestyle. Do not overlook the needs of the people you are living with in constructing a house. What matters most is that everyone is safe and enjoying a great and calming dwelling place. 

Final Thoughts 

To summarize everything, owning a home in Australia accompanies a great deal of advantages. The perfect climate and the community are already a bonus when living across the city. Whether you build a single or double-story home, the real thing that matters is the comfort and peace it would provide. The prior is the best choice in connection with the decreasing land supply for Aussies according to studies.

What are you waiting for? Contact a homebuilder to get everything rolling in building your dream house!

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