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There’s nothing like having a chlorinated oasis in your backyard to beat the heat, host parties for family and friends, and spend your days relaxing next to clear, blue water. For homeowners, swimming pools can be a significant investment and commitment. Choosing a backyard pool requires a lot of consideration. What size and style are best for your property? Should you get a Gunite or fiberglass pools, and will the pool add value to your home? Let’s take a closer look at some pros and cons of investing in a backyard pool.

Pros of Investing in a Backyard Pool

Property Value

A backyard pool can increase the value of your home. You’ll attract more buyers if you build a pool in your house, especially if you live in a hot climate.

Recreation and Exercise

Swimming in backyard pools is an excellent low-impact exercise option for adults and children. It is also possible for them to be therapeutic. Since water does not place full pressure on an athlete’s injuries, aquatic exercises are often used to rehabilitate sports-related injuries. You can also play games, host parties, and lounge out to tan on scorching summer days.

Reduced Lawn Maintenance

Your backyard can be significantly reduced in size if you have a pool in your backyard, depending on its size. If you don’t want to have too many plants in your yard, or would like to fill empty spaces, this can be a good solution. Reduced lawn area could be perfect for those with mobility issues. 

Cons of Investing in a Backyard Pool

Seasonal Maintenance

Keeping your backyard pool clean will prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and algae. To ensure the acids and alkalis are balanced, you must clean them and check the pH levels regularly. Swimming in an unclean pool can make you sick and attract pests. Spring and fall are the two main times for opening and seasonal closing pools and regular maintenance. The process of covering and uncovering your pool can be complicated.

Family Safety

Children can be at risk around backyard pools. Non-swimmers can also be at risk. You should invest in securing your pool to avoid liability for any injuries. Make your backyard pool safe with door locks and safety fencing. Most pool owners set strict rules about the use of the pool that should be followed by all family members and guests. Talk to your insurance agent about the necessary and recommended coverage if you are installing a backyard pool. 


Pool construction is a lengthy and costly process. Your backyard could go without use for two to three months while it is being built. A pump and filter are also needed. Additional costs like a adding a new deck in the yard, various toys to use in the pool, and additional landscaping can also delay the process and drive up the costs. 

If you are dreaming about a backyard pool, consider these pros and cons before you start construction. 

partnered post • photo by NeoMonge from Pixabay