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Plumbing Tips for Farmhouse Owners


Despite the rise of modern apartments in major cities, many people still love farmhouses or gardens.

Remember that if you also want to buy one of these beautiful countryside houses, you have to pay attention to many things. In fact, buying a farmhouse is kind of different from purchasing an apartment.

Apart from the size, age, design, and material, you have to pay special attention to the plumbing system.

In this article, we're going to let you know some plumbing tips to help you decide better when it comes to buying a farmhouse.

Never leave the hoses connected

Avoid leaving hoses connected to your faucets in the cold. In cold weather, the water inside them will freeze, and the pressure from the ice may cause your pipes to fracture. All of your faucet hoses should be removed and stored until you need them again.

Never leave fixing the leaks for winter

The most typical plumbing issue is leaking.

An old farmhouse might indeed be a fantastic place to live, but the plumbing may start to leak over time. Even a small trickle of a leak can result in a significant amount of money being lost, but over time, even a small leak has the potential to grow into a significant issue.

You should understand that if you don't solve the drips and other difficulties you're having immediately away, there may be a plumbing issue. A reputable plumber, such as R and Z Plumbing, should be contacted to handle the problems.

Over the winter, this condition will deteriorate severely. Try to fix these problems before the temperatures drop. Remember that fixing plumbing problems in the cold is far more difficult.

Don't forget to insulate the pipes outside of the house

Frequently, protecting your pipelines requires more than merely opening the valves. Tape insulation over your pipes to prevent them from freezing. Additionally, insulation helps reduce the cost of heating throughout the long winters.

Cold air can get into your plumbing system through the windows and doors of your open areas. The majority of individuals neglect these regions despite the potential harm they may do.

Your pipes may freeze if the cold weather in Toronto enters through basement windows and garage doors. In addition to pipe insulation, you might also want to consider sealing these locations' apertures.

Consider using a heating cable

The greatest choice for a more technological approach is to employ a heated wire. Heating cables are sometimes referred to as heating tapes for pipelines or trace heaters.

These cables can be used for various purposes, including trace heating, antifreeze, viscosity control, roof and gutter maintenance, etc.

In fact, it features a built-in thermostat that can control the heat source's on/off status and gauge the pipe's temperature. This significantly lowers the chance of freezing.

Build a farmhouse bathroom

You need a claw-foot bathtub if you want your bathroom to have a true farmhouse feel. Claw-foot bathtubs may be purchased brand-new, or as an alternative, you can locate reclaimed bathtubs that have been restored for use during a renovation job.

Every time you use stylish or contemporary features, you want to have the contrast of recycled or repurposed dark wood. Have a beautiful light fixture installed over the bathtub by an electrician so that you may bathe in decent illumination.

Think of an efficient heating system

Heat loss from radiators may be drastically decreased by moving them out of their customary location under windows. Also, avoid covering radiators with curtains due to losing up to 70% of the radiator's actual heat output.

A simple and practical solution is to move the thermostat to the main living room or get a wireless thermostat that can be placed wherever.

The entry hall usually has thermostats, which makes the boiler run longer because it's frequently the coldest place in the home.

Think of a modern garden irrigation system

To ensure that you won't run into problems in the future, you must first design and install a contemporary plumbing system in your yard.

You cannot anticipate effective and timely irrigation without employing cutting-edge facilities. Remember that while installing such a system may initially be expensive, your water bill will eventually compensate for it.

More significantly, you cannot accomplish this on your own. To avoid issues like leaky and frozen pipes in the winter, attempt to call a professional plumbing company.

Final words

It's highly unlikely that you can find a modernized farmhouse, so you'll probably have to do a renovation project. Of course, the plumbing system is central to every renovation project. Try to go for energy-efficient facilities as much as your budget lets you. Don't forget a regular maintenance checkup, as it will reduce your repair cost in the future.

partnered post • cc-licensed image by Mark Stumme