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Home improvements do not always happen to make your property more functional. Often the purpose is to increase your property's value. For sellers, an impressive exterior, a well-kept lawn, and a well-maintained entrance gate do a lot to grab their prospective buyer's attention. The rest of the house and the contemplation on all its practical aspects come later. 

Who knows how many house listings the prospective buyers search before they contact you? If you invest in improving your house's curb appeal, you can sway the buyers' decision, encouraging them to click on your listing. 

Thinking about reselling your house, some home exterior upgrades you can carry out include the following. So, without further ado, let us get straight to the topic and help you upgrade your house.

1. Repair your roof

Renovating your roof can be a costly project. But over time, certain parts of your roof get more wear and tear. Repairing these areas is essential before showing your house to prospective buyers. 

Instead of DIYing your roof repair, contact a roofing company, especially if you see hail damage on your roof. If you live in an area such as Denver with frequent severe weather warnings, roof damage is a strong possibility. Denver roofing company workers are experts in undoing the damage to your roof while keeping the disruptions in the rest of the house to the minimum. 

Once you have made the investment, don’t forget to tell the real estate agent and the buyers about the changes you have made to the roof and how it has improved your house. 

2. Remove dirt and decay

Seeing dirt and debris removed from the exterior walls is gratifying. A buyer looking at your house for the first time will feel the same relief. 

A dirty exterior can make the buyers lose interest in your house. They might even think that since you have not maintained the exterior of your house, you might have kept the rest the same way. 

The easiest way to remove dirt and decay is to power wash your house; you can complete this task in one day. But it can radically transform the look and feel of your house. 

However, a note of caution is to ensure the material of your house’s exterior is compatible with a power wash. For instance, it is easier and more suitable to power wash vinyl, but the same cannot be said about shingles. Similarly, weathered brick in houses aged more than 80 years can also be damaged by power wash.

3. Don’t overdo the garage 

If you have a garage in the house for car parking, ensure it is well-blended, which means you should not overemphasize it. Its location at the entrance of the house already makes it very prominent. What you can do max about it is to paint it with a color that is in line with the remaining house's exterior. 

However, having red brick does not mean painting your garage red. Instead, you can go with beige or any other nude shade. You have to select a color that goes well with the rest of the palette of your house.  

4. Paint the gate

Another quicker way to improve the exterior of your house is to paint the gate. A fresh coat of paint on the entrance gate instantly lifts the spirits of your house’s exterior and improves its overall look. 

If you feel the walls on both sides of the gate must be painted too, go ahead. 

5. Repair the rotting wood

Before sprucing up your house with new elements, don’t forget to consider the old and rotten ones. Focusing on what is already there helps you save costs because you can combine new elements with the older ones. The same goes for trims, doors, roof frames, and windows. 

In addition, if you have used wood in the house, it starts to rot at various spots over time due to contact with harsh weather and naturally. Hire a professional to remove the rotted parts. They will help you remove and repair the damaged parts without spoiling the reaming area. 

6. Add flowers to your house

Adding colorful flowers to the front of your house significantly enhances curb appeal. Just looking at flowers makes people happy and refreshed. It is like helping your prospective buyers think favorably about your house. 

When you add flowers that have the same color or have similar shades as your house, it makes the front look more expansive than it actually is. 

7. Be more creative with the lights

Nothing makes your house cozier and more beautiful than adding the right lights. Illuminating your house with the right shades of light lifts the clouds of sadness and gloom from your house. 

Adding a well-coordinated and visible light fixture is easier and often stays under your renovation budget too. It creates a warm and welcoming feeling for anyone visiting your home. 

For instance, you can fix motion sensor lighting on the porch and driveway. They conserve energy by lighting up the area only when it is required.

8. Remove faulty hardware

Often your house doesn’t need big, prominent, and expensive updates. Instead, smaller updates, such as replacing faulty hardware, make the most difference. 

Eliminate the faulty fixture, remove the malfunctioning door knobs, and change the broken or worn-out nameplate. All the metal door knockers, door knobs, etc., should match each other in style and material to create continuity and cohesive design. 

Also, the fixture, hardware, and accents should complement the design of your house too. For instance, if your house has a modern appeal, adding vintage and wrought-iron hardware creates a hotchpotch of ideas and does not appeal to the eye. 

You may be tempted to experiment by adding funky design; if it does not synchronize with the rest of the house, it won’t do much to lift the value of your house. 


Renovating your house exterior is one of the easiest and budget-friendly ways to enhance the value of your property. Adding appealing elements such as flowers, lights, etc., are budget-friendly ideas but significantly increase the curb appeal. If you have the budget, you can change the entire exterior paint, replace the gate, and improve landscaping too.

partnered post • image by Max Vakhtbovych at Pexels