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Do you know that only 3 out of 10 people have time to clean their homes? This means that so many homes are dirty, unkept, and unhygienic. This means that so many homes are in trouble. Especially homes with dirty carpets.

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If you’re part of the 70% who have yet to devise a way to regularly clean and maintain your carpet, this article is for you. This article will enlist all the bad things that will happen if you stay off track. And we promise you that you don’t want any of them. So much so that we’d also help you on how to stay on track. This article will also give you tips on how to care for and maintain your carpet easily – from administrative tips to particular ones like applying the correct pressure when cleaning carpets, we got you covered! Read on, learn, and please get on with the cleaning. Pronto!

6 Bad Things That Will Happen If You Don’t Clean Your Carpet Regularly

  1. You will lose focus.

Have you been working from home and you feel like you haven’t been able to focus well? It could be fatigue, burnout, or as simple as having a dirty carpet. Dirty carpets are breeding grounds of moulds that can make you lose focus and fail at successfully finishing any task. 

  1. Your family could get sick.

As dirty carpets are breeding grounds of harmful elements like fungi, mould, allergens, and bacteria, you and your family can end up getting sick. Carpets are multi-dynamic because apart from the fact that they can effectively store bad elements, they can also effectively spread them. One step, one movement, and one swift wind can trigger a carpet to release massive amounts of elements that can cause headaches, itchy eyes, and even nausea. 

  1. You will need to replace your carpet earlier than expected.

Your carpet will need early replacement if it is not cleaned regularly. This is because its fibres will easily give in and lose their former glory. This is very counter-intuitive because it would lead you to spend more. And no household wants to spend more. Hence, a dirty carpet should always be a no, no, no. 

  1. Your home will smell.

No one wants a smelly home. But you will have one if you’d fail to regularly clean and care for your carpet. Keeping your carpet dirty is the easiest way to make your home smell bad. A carpet can easily smell bad because it can store moisture and dirt at the same time. And we all know that the combination of both is a surefire way of creating poor indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality, apart from being smelly, is also deadly. We all should know that given that we’ve already been through years of dealing with a global pandemic. A smelly home is not a safe home. 

  1. Your carpet will look bad.

A dirty carpet may not just smell bad, it can also look bad. And this is something that you should heavily avoid because it goes against all the reasons why a person installs carpets. You put your carpet on your house to look good and feel good. There is no use for anything at your home, especially a carpet if its presence only results in making you feel bad and making your house look bad. 

  1. Your home will not feel homey.

A house is not a home. And it takes a lot for a house to be home. Your home will cease to become one if there are dirty carpets around. A home should be a place of peace, solace, and calm. A home with a dirty carpet will be one that looks bad, smells bad, and can cause people to feel physically bad. Please avoid this. This can be easily avoided if you’d maintain a regular carpet cleaning routine.

Expert Tips on How to Make Carpet Maintenance Easier:

Housekeeping experts advise you to do the following to easily maintain a regular carpet cleaning routine: 

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  1. Commit to a schedule

A thing will not get done if it is not scheduled. Thinking about a thing or about doing a thing is not going to make a difference. You need to put it into action. And there is no better way to do that than by scheduling something. Created a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cleaning schedule. Having it scheduled will ensure that you get to clean every single time. 

  1. Delegate

Do you know that an individual spends at least 2 – 4 hours every week on house cleaning? Do you have that amount of time? If not, then it’s best to delegate or outsource. Delegating will ensure that the cleaning gets done even if you won’t be the one who gets to do it. Ensure though that the cleaner of your choice will have all the necessary instructions, tools, and equipment.

  1. Make cleaning easier

The secret to sticking to a habit is in making it easy to do. Cleaning will never be a thing that all people will excitedly do. If you’re one who does not get excited with just the mere thought of it, you need to be proactive. You need to make it easy, fun, and exciting. Make things easier for you by making everything that you’d need easily accessible. Make it fun by incorporating singing, dancing, and inviting other family members for some fun bonding while cleaning.

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