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5 Tips for Avoiding Emergency Heating Repair


Your HVAC system helps you maintain a comfortable environment, regardless of the weather. Unexpected HVAC issues can be challenging, and could be due to an unresponsive thermostat, the heating system making strange noises, cold air coming from your heating system, clogged condensate line, frozen coils, and outdoor units.

Your furnace having a yellow flame, the fan not turning off, the carbon monoxide detector going off, and warm air from your ducts could all be signs that you need emergency heating repair. This article outlines five tips for avoiding emergency heating repair.

1. Stick to a regular maintenance routine

Regular HVAC maintenance means lesser breakdowns and repairs in the future. A professional preventive service enables technicians to spot problems before they worsen. You may learn more here to check why getting your system regularly inspected means worn-out parts get replaced to avoid possible issues down the line. The electrical components are examined, and all parts are lubricated for optimum performance.

Keeping up with annual tune-ups ensures your system lasts longer. A properly functioning heating system lowers utility bills and ensures improved indoor air quality. With heating and cooling experts like Buckeye HVAC, you can get quality maintenance services to keep your system in pristine condition.

2. Change your air filters regularly

Air filters play a crucial role in maintaining good indoor air quality. They get clogged with dust, dirt, bacteria, pollen, pet dander, and spores, making it difficult for your heating system to push air via the ductwork, causing it to work harder to maintain the desired indoor temperature. This increases your utility bills and the HVAC’s chances of breaking down.

Replacing your air filters regularly avoids unnecessary damage while increasing your system’s lifespan. It helps improve indoor air quality by eliminating odors, pollutants, and allergens. It also balances humidity. Air filter replacement enhances energy efficiency, resulting in lower energy bills.

3. Program your thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you to run an organized heating program without struggling to change the settings throughout the day manually. Failure to program your thermostat could cause your heating system to work inefficiently. If you constantly adjust your thermostat, you might be pressuring your heating system and wasting energy. Consider waiting for at least eight hours to change the temperature.

4. Keep an eye on your humidity levels

Failure to maintain the correct humidity levels in your home impacts the heating system and could damage your furnishings and electronics while causing physical ailments. Dry air may cause a sore throat, nosebleeds, eye irritation, dehydration, and respiratory diseases like bronchitis and asthma.

Not maintaining an appropriate humidity level may require increasing the temperature as the heating system must work hard to heat your space. With the help of a hygrometer or smart thermostat, you can easily ensure proper humidity levels in your home.

5. Give your heating system a break

Your heating system works hard through winter to keep your home at the most comfortable temperature. You can give the system a much-needed break when the weather conditions are more tolerable. Consider keeping your thermostat at a temperature close to the one outside. Wear extra clothes whenever you feel cold. Inspect your doors and windows for drafts or air leaks to ensure your system doesn’t overwork.


Sudden HVAC breakdowns can be stressful. Use these tips to avoid emergency heating repair.

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5 Bathroom Remodeling Tips

R-architecture-P_0tnQ8hb70-unsplash (1)

Whether you need a complete bathroom makeover, or are only looking to change a few aspects of this space, bathroom remodeling projects can get quite complicated. Fortunately, you can successfully manage these upgrades by considering critical aspects that give these projects lasting value. Here, we look at five bathroom remodel tips.

1. Know how much bathroom space you have

Before you kick off your bathroom remodeling project, it is vital to consider how much space you have. By focusing your remodel on this fundamental element, you will quickly determine the best type of bathroom to install and the features you should include. For example, if you want a master en-suite bathroom with a spa-like vibe, you should prioritize installing glass doors from Van Isle Glass to separate the tub and shower areas.

2. Align everything to your budget

Bathroom remodels are often expensive, and to avoid running out of money when your project is halfway, you need to develop a realistic home upgrade budget. The best decision is to consult a bathroom remodeling expert to help align your budget to all expenses, including labor costs and materials. To save on money, prioritize completing the essentials and parts that are of most value to you. Most importantly, you must avoid the temptation of starting your bathroom remodel if you do not have enough funds to complete the project.

3. Consider lighting and ventilation

You must never skimp on lighting and ventilation when remodeling your bathroom. Whether you have a tiny or spacious bathroom, ensure you allow in as much light as possible and enough ventilation to avoid mold growth due to damp air and moisture. Remember to utilize natural light by adding windows and skylights besides using mirrors to reflect the available light and create an illusion of more space.

4. Get the right vanity and storage options

Bathroom vanities are a must-have feature and a chance to make a big statement. When picking these elements, you should prioritize options that freshen your bathroom’s aesthetics without taking too much space or being too small. For example, you could opt for a corner sink if you have a tight space or a floating vanity to make your bathroom look larger. On the other hand, a double vanity is a better option for a spacious family bathroom.

Besides getting the right vanity, you should also have adequate storage options in your bathroom. Consider using floating shelves, organization units below your vanity, and hanging hooks on unused sections of your walls.

5. Add some luxurious features

A bathroom remodel is never complete until it has a little sprinkle of luxury in it. This does not mean going overboard with your budget but involves including aesthetically pleasing features in this space. Popular luxurious features you can include in your bathroom are heated towel rails, smart showers, non-slip flooring, heated floors, and wall décor.


It takes the right level of planning and forethought for a successful bathroom remodel, and with these tips, you are guaranteed to give this all-important room a form that complements its function.

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6 Ways to Bring Your Dull Kitchen Space Back to Life


A dull and bland kitchen can suck the life out of cooking and hosting gatherings. The grease-stained cabinets, rusty and old-fashioned knobs, chipping wall paint, and ancient appliances give off a dreary vibe. And that can make even the most enthusiastic home cook feel uninspired.

If your kitchen needs a quick redo, there are many ways to bring it back to life without gutting the whole space and starting from scratch.

Let’s discuss some easy and budget-friendly ways to add life to your boring kitchen space:

  • Repaint or Reinstall Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets draw attention without much effort. They’re one of the first things people (especially guests) notice when they enter your kitchen. If your cabinets look shabby, you can either repaint them or reinstall them.

If you choose to repaint your cabinets, ensure to use paint resistant to grease and water. You don’t want your paint job to start chipping once you use your kitchen again.

As for reinstalling, look for a kitchen remodeling company in your area that can help you out. It is a bigger project than repainting and will require the help of professionals. You can run a quick Google search by typing the required services to locate experts in your city. For instance, typing “kitchen remodeling Walnut Creek CA” will enable you to approach professionals in Walnut Creek, CA.

  • Polish Your Countertops

Kitchen countertops come in many different materials - each material sees the end of its lifespan differently. For instance, if you’ve been using a butcher’s knife on your wooden countertop for the past few years, it may have deeply etched scars.

You can sand these scars and apply a fresh layer of wood finish or paint to make your countertop look new again. Similarly, if your marble countertop has lost its sheen, you can use a polishing agent to make it look shiny and new.

It’s essential to analyze your countertop material before deciding on a reviving method. You don’t want to damage your countertop beyond repair.

  • Paint the Walls

Trends in wall colors come and go, but a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your kitchen space. It can brighten up the whole room and make it feel new again. If you’re unsure what color to paint your kitchen, try a light and airy color like blue or green.

If you prefer making a bolder statement, you can always go for a dark color like black or deep purple. Just ensure the color you choose complements the rest of your kitchen. You don’t want it to clash with your cabinets or countertops. You can also create a captivating focal point by painting one wall a different color from the rest.

  • Update Your Backsplash

Oil stains and gravy splatters can make your backsplash look gross and dirty. It can be tricky to tackle if you leave it to build up. The best way to avoid this is to clean your backsplash regularly. You can use a degreaser or an all-purpose cleaner to eliminate the grease and grime.

If you feel nothing you do will reclaim the lost glory of your backsplash, you can always replace it. You can choose from backsplash materials like glass, tile, or stainless steel. You can also sprinkle some creativity and use wallpaper or contact paper. And to avoid making a mess of your kitchen, you can always hire a professional to do it for you.

  • Improve the Lighting

Have your children complained about the weird burnt taste in the food lately? If so, you might be burning your food while sautéing it without even knowing. The reason for this could be bad lighting in your kitchen.

If you can’t see what you’re cooking, it’s easy to make mistakes. Not to mention, bad lighting can make your kitchen look dull and dreary. The solution is simple: improve the lighting in your kitchen. You can achieve this by installing new light fixtures or adding more windows.

You can also use mirrors to reflect light and make your kitchen look brighter. Keep it classy and well under budget by visiting your local flea market for some great finds.

  • Bring in the Greens

The way plants boost indoor spaces is incomparable. They improve the air quality, make the space look more inviting, and can even help you focus while cooking. If you have a windowsill, start by placing some potted plants there.

You can also hang plants from the ceiling or place them on shelves. If you’re unsure which plants to get, succulents are always a good choice. They’re low-maintenance and can thrive in most indoor spaces. You can also plant a small herb garden to add freshness to your cooking.

Parsley, basil, oregano, and mint are some of the easiest herbs to grow indoors. Not only will they make your food taste better, but they’ll also make your kitchen smell amazing.


So, instead of giving up and ordering take-out every night, try reviving your kitchen space with one (or all) of these tips. Trust us, your wallet and your taste buds will thank you. And who knows, maybe you’ll even start to enjoy cooking again. 

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True Blue Glass: How Much Do New Windows Cost?


Windows can make a home more comfortable, light and airy while offering functional purposes such as keeping out the heat and cold. They can only do this when they are in optimal working order. If your windows need replacing, you may be wondering how much they cost. In this post, we'll explain the various factors that can affect the price.

The importance of quality windows

When your windows are not up to par, they cannot effectively stop heat from transferring through the pane, so in summer, the heat will come in, and in the winter, the heat will escape. This will result in higher electricity bills as your heating and cooling system has to work harder to maintain a desired temperature inside the home. Older styles of single-paned glass aren't up to today's glass standards, and you'll likely be paying more than you could if you were to install better quality glass. Another reason why the quality of your windows is so important is that they keep your home safe from intruders. While better quality glass won't stop potential thieves altogether, it can deter them. If your glass or windows are broken or provide an easy point of access into your home, this makes your home more vulnerable to thieves as they are more likely to target your home than others with more secure and stronger fitting glass and windows.

Different types of windows

Windows don’t just come in a one size fits all type. There are many different types of windows. Here are some of the more common ones:

  • Fixed Pane Windows: Fixed pane windows look like traditional windows, featuring glass and a window frame, however, they do not open.
  • Sliding Windows: This is the most common type of window found in Australian homes. They are two panes positioned in horizontal frames next to each other. Usually, one window can slide to the other side to enable the window to open.
  • Single-Hung Windows: Single-hung windows are another common type of window and they have one pane positioned on top of the other. The lower pane can be lifted to let in air.
  • Double-Hung Windows: Double-hung windows are essentially the same as single-hung windows, the only difference is that you can move both windows.
  • Louvre Windows: Louvres consist of several sections of glass panels that can be adjusted individually to let in light and air.
  • Casement Windows: Casement windows open wide which is great if you want to let a lot of light and airflow into the space.

How much can quality windows save you?

By replacing your single-paned windows with high-quality glass, you can save yourself up to $600 a year on your electricity bills. Whilst they do cost more to install, you'll quickly recoup your investment with the long-term savings you will make over the years. This is better for the environment too. If your window frames are in otherwise good condition, you can replace the glass only which can save you some money when upgrading.

Factors that can affect the price of new windows

Many things can affect the price of your new windows, here are some of them:

  • How big the windows are
  • Whether you need a frame and glass replacement or pane alone
  • The type of glazing you choose
  • The style of windows
  • The type of framing material you choose (if required)
  • How many windows you are replacing

How much do new windows cost?

Here is a breakdown of the average costs of having new windows installed:

Every glazier and glass company have different rates however, on average, you can expect to pay anything from $70 to $100 per hour for labour costs. Materials and supplies cost extra and will be determined based on the service you are having carried out. The better quality glass, fixings and frames you choose, the most costly it will be. The glazier may offer a slight discount if you are having a bulk number of windows installed at the one time.

Windows at the cheaper end

An entry point double glazed window starts at around $150 plus installation costs. This is typically for a small fixed window with basic framing.

Windows at the higher end

If you are choosing bigger windows that feature high-quality glass and framing, you can pay up to $1,300 per square metre.

How much does glass alone cost?

If you are happy with your framing and you are only looking to upgrade your glass, this can lower the overall cost.

Here is a general guide to give you a basic idea of what you can expect to pay. Prices typically start from:

  • Float glass: $35-$40 per square metre.
  • Low iron glass: $145- $150 per square metre.
  • Double glazed glass: $200 - $220 per square metre.
  • Low emission glass: $210 - $230 per square metre.
  • Laminated glass: $300 - $330 per square metre.

What to look out for when hiring someone to install your new windows 

When choosing your Brisbane Window Installer, it’s important that they do a good job to ensure maximum efficiency and bang for your buck.

It is always wise to check the credentials of any tradesperson you hire. They should be a qualified, licenced, and insured glazier. This can give you peace of mind that you will end up with a quality finish. All glaziers need to install glass to comply with the relevant Australian Safety Standards (AS1288 and AS2208), for both windows and doors.

Before choosing a glazier, it is a good idea to ring around to ensure you are getting the best price.

Installing new windows is beneficial in more ways than one

New windows can be beneficial in more ways than one! They can help to keep your home more comfortable, reduce your energy bills and make your home more secure from potential theft. You don't only have to wait for your windows to be damaged before replacing them. The initial cost can save you money long-term, making them a worthwhile investment.

If you have been wanting to get new windows for your home, contact the glass professionals here at True Blue Glass. We service all of South East Queensland and are happy to provide friendly advice on your glass replacement options.

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7 Reasons to Hire Professional Pest Control Services


Pests can be a real problem if they get out of hand. They can cause damage to your property and create discomfort for the inmates by spreading diseases and contaminating food supplies. 

Some pests are also dangerous to humans. For example, bed bugs can transmit diseases through their bites, and rodents carry some parasites that can be deadly for people with compromised immune systems. That's why it's so important to eliminate pests from your house before they become an infestation.

Here are seven reasons why you should hire a professional pest control company:

  • They’ll Be Better at Identifying Pest Problems

Unless you're an expert, it can be difficult to identify what kind of pest is causing the problem and how best to get rid of it. Some companies specialize in certain types of pests, such as mice or cockroaches. While others can also solve termite and bug problems at home. Either way, they'll be able to create an effective Terminix pest control plan for dealing with pests like termites or any other that may be plaguing your property.

  • They Have Experience Handling Different Types of Pests

Residential pest control companies have extensive experience with all types of pests and know how to deal with them effectively. They’ll be able to identify the type of pest you’re dealing with and use the right treatment method for that particular pest. While some homeowners may be able to locate the type of pest they’re dealing with, most people don’t have the time or resources necessary to properly treat their homes for pests.

  • They Know How to Handle the Treatment Process Properly

Pest control technicians have received extensive training and experience in the field. Their training includes technical skills and knowledge, as well as safety precautions that must be taken when treating facilities, equipment, and materials. They know how to properly handle the treatment process and can spot potential hazards before they become problems. This means you will not be put at risk when living around insecticides or other chemicals used during treatment in your house.

  • They Have Equipment and Supplies for Tough Jobs

Pest control companies typically have access to a wide range of products and equipment they can use on any size job. This includes everything from specialized equipment used to treat large areas quickly, to smaller hand tools for targeted treatments where needed. In addition, most companies offer maintenance plans that include regular visits from their experts so they can catch any issues early before they become serious problems for your household.

  • Save Money

People generally think that hiring professionals is costly. However, if you follow a DIY method to fight the pest problem, eventually, you end up spending a significant amount on the same. Besides, you may end up creating more issues at home. So, it is better to hire professional services. A professional will know how to get rid of pests in your home and keep them away in the future. It will help you save money in the long run. In addition, if you have a large property, you may need them to do the job regularly.

  • Save Time

Pest control can be a hassle, but these companies have the resources and expertise to quickly eliminate pests and prevent them from returning. Pest control technicians are trained to find and exterminate pests in houses of all sizes. They know how to treat an entire building or just a few rooms, depending on your needs. And they know how to kill common pests as well as those that are specific to your property and location. Hence, hiring them can help you save time and get a lasting solution. 

  • Reduces Health Risks

Pests can carry diseases that are harmful to humans. In fact, some pests are so dangerous that they are classified as bio-hazards by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). These biohazards include rats, mice, cockroaches, and bed bugs. If left untreated, these pests can cause serious illnesses such as typhoid fever or dysentery among others. By hiring a professional pest control company to deal with infestations, you can reduce the risk of illness among your family members.

Final Words

Pest control is a necessary thing for every household of all sizes. As you've seen there are many benefits of getting rid of pests by a pest control company. Make sure to educate yourself on what kind of pest is infesting your house so you can give proper details to the pest control company. Pests can be harmful to your health so when it comes to pest control, you should never ignore it.

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How To Look For A Rug Cleaning Service In Your City


Carpets are a breeding ground for allergens, dust particles, and bacteria. According to research, one ounce of carpet dust contains over 2,000 dust mites. All that ton of filth is living right under your foot.

There is a wide range of health problems that these contaminants in your carpeting can cause, especially among the elderly and children. Even though vacuuming helps remove dust, it doesn't completely remove germs. Over time, these particles accumulate, increasing the risk of illness. 

However, with professional carpet cleaning, you can eliminate all the allergens, reducing the likelihood of health issues. If you haven't gotten your rugs cleaned in a while, now is the right time. Follow the instructions below to find a good carpet cleaner.

Search online

Searching online is simple. All you have to do is type the correct keywords into your search bar, and you can access tons of cleaning services. It doesn't matter where you live, simply type “best cleaning services” + the name of your area and find all the best options in your locality. For example, if you live in Austin, Texas, search using the keywords: rug cleaning in Austin, TX, and browse the SERPs. Repeat the same for any city you live in.

The tricky thing here is how to select the best one. That’s where website reviews come into play. You can also find customer reviews on social media platforms. Compare the company’s reliability, safety, durability, and other aspects with your shortlisted competitors. You may also want to compare the prices. Did you know you can hire deep cleaning services in Texas for as low as $9 per 2 hours? 

Company’s work experience matters

When comparing companies, find out how experienced they are. You want a company that can work safely on your carpet type. 

Professionals typically use a broom or vacuum cleaner to brush over your carpet during a deep cleaning process. If you have a costly carpet, you can also have it hand-washed at affordable rates.

Remember, every carpet is different, and some stains are more difficult to remove than others. An inexperienced carpet cleaner can still remove debris, but may have trouble identifying and treating certain stains effectively. As a result, the carpet will not be cleaned properly. Au contraire, a company with years of experience is likely to know everything about them. As a result, they will be able to eliminate unsightly stains quickly. Moreover, they’ll do it without harming your carpet or shortening its lifespan.

Trust your friends and family’s recommendations

People you know are the best resource for finding a great carpet cleaning company. There is a good chance someone in your circle of friends, colleagues, and family has recently had their carpets cleaned.

Make a list of the companies they have worked with and ask if there have been any negative experiences. This will help you avoid hiring carpet cleaners who might ruin your carpet’s look after they clean it. If you don’t know someone who recently got their carpets cleaned, searching online for experienced rug cleaners is always a good option.

Get in touch with several companies

It may be tempting to select the first company you see advertised on TV or the first one you find online, but it is important to keep searching. Getting quotes from several providers before scheduling an appointment is always a good idea. By comparing their prices and services, you can make an informed choice. Don't always trust the company with the lowest price.

Consider how helpful they were when you called. Likewise, you can expect quality service from the cleaners if you had a great experience with customer service. It is possible to overpay for services if you do not contact multiple companies. You may end up with an inexperienced cleaner in the worst-case scenario. 

Choose a company that offers the services you need

Carpets aren't the only surface that requires professional cleaning in your home. Your upholstery is exposed to just as much dirt and debris as your rugs and carpets.

When booking an appointment, ensure the company offers the services you require. Find a company that offers indoor allergy treatments if you're concerned about allergens in your home. In addition, ensure the company can clean your delicate oriental rugs.

Learn about the products they use

You might be surprised to learn that chemicals used to clean rugs can harm your health and the environment. If you have children, pets, or anyone in the home who suffers from respiratory problems, you'll want to avoid these chemicals. So look for companies that provide hypoallergenic and natural cleaners. Taking this precaution ensures children and pets are not exposed to harmful substances on the floor.

If possible, choose a dry cleaner that does not use soap. In addition to keeping dirt and debris from settling into the fibers, this helps prevent mold from forming in the padding beneath the carpet. Additionally, it will be easier for you to clean your carpets all year. As a result, the leftover soapy residue won't stick to dust, pet hair, or dander.

Customer reviews matter

You'll likely receive the same level of quality and care if you go off of a recommendation from a friend. However, if you rely on internet recommendations, research each company’s reputation.

See what past customers have said about them in the online reviews. If most reviews are positive, so are likely to have a similar experience. However, proceed with caution in case of negative reviews. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to see if anyone has complained about the company. Don't settle for a low rating.

Ensure there are guarantees

No one likes to pay again to clean their carpets after the first cleaning didn’t do the job. Look for companies that offer guarantees on their work to ensure your safety. If you’re unsatisfied with the cleaning the first time, they’ll redo it. In addition, you won’t need to pay twice for the same service.


Not cleaning your carpets can invite a lot of health troubles, including allergies and breathing problems. If you are wondering where to start looking for a good carpet cleaner? It’s not that difficult. A good rug cleaning company is just a few steps away if you follow the steps above.

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5 Home Renovation Projects You Should Never DIY


As any homeowner knows, there are a never-ending number of things that need to be done around the house. From painting the kitchen to fixing a leaky faucet, it can sometimes feel like there’s always something that needs to be fixed. While it can be tempting to try to tackle these projects yourself to save money, some home renovation projects are best left to the professionals.

For example, many homeowners don’t know what concrete garage floor repair involves and what they should do after. Concrete garage floor repair is when experts or homeowners fix surface imperfections, like cracks. For cracks in your garage floor, experts recommend using an epoxy, polyurethane, or polyurea repair product that is sandable. These products cure and harden at a strength greater than concrete.

Here are five other home renovation projects you should never DIY: 


Major plumbing is onehome renovation project you should never do on your own. Plumbing is a complex system of pipes and fittings that require special tools and training to install correctly, and even a tiny mistake can cause significant problems, such as leaks, flooding, and water damage. Water leaks can cause structural damage, mold growth, and electrical problems. 

In addition, plumbing is often located in difficult-to-reach places, such as behind walls or under floors. As a result, attempting a DIY plumbing project can be dangerous and expensive. If you're considering a significant home renovation, it's always best to leave the plumbing to the professionals. 

Electrical Work

Electrical projects can be complex, and even a tiny mistake can be dangerous. Without the proper knowledge and tools, it can be easy to damage wiring or create an electrical hazard accidentally. Even if a project appears simple, it's important to remember that electricity is highly unpredictable. For these reasons, it's best to leave electrical projects to the professionals. 

Not only will they have the experience and expertise to complete the job safely, but they will also have the proper insurance in case something goes wrong. Additionally, electrical work requires a permit in most jurisdictions, so attempting to do the work yourself will likely result in a fine. It’s simply not worth the risk to try to save a few dollars by doing electrical work yourself. 


Roofing involves working on a steep and slippery surface, which can be dangerous for even experienced contractors. In addition, roofing requires special training, tools, and equipment that most homeowners don’t have access to. In addition, roofing projects often require permits and inspections from local authorities. As a result, attempting to roof your own home is likely to end in disaster. 

Finally, many homeowners insurance policies will not cover damage caused by improper roofing techniques, meaning that you could be left financially responsible for any accidents or repairs. Not only will you put yourself at risk of injury, but you’ll also spend more money to repair the damage than if you had hired a roofing contractor in the first place. 

Structural work

Structural work is any type of construction or renovation that alters the load-bearing capacity of a home. This includes projects like adding or removing walls, screened porches, strengthening beams or columns, and raising or lowering ceilings. Although you can safely complete some light structural work on your own, significant changes should always be left to a professional, as even a tiny mistake can have serious consequences. 

For example, if a support beam is not adequately secured, it could lead to a partial or complete ceiling collapse. In addition, structural work often requires heavy machinery and tools, which can be dangerous for someone without experience. In addition, most building codes require that structural work be performed by a licensed contractor.

HVAC Installation and Repair

Although it may seem simple, HVAC systems are complex and require skilled technicians to install and maintain them properly. Attempting to install or repair an HVAC system yourself can result in severe injuries and damage to your home. 

Furthermore, HVAC systems are subject to strict safety and building codes, which must be followed for the system to operate correctly. Finally, because HVAC systems are expensive, and DIY work may void your warranty, it is crucial to ensure that they are installed and repaired correctly to avoid costly repairs or replacements down the road. 

While some home renovation projects are simple enough to do on your own, others are best left to the professionals. By understanding which projects you should never DIY, you can save time, money, and aggravation. If you’re unsure where to start with your next home renovation project, work with a professional who can help you plan and execute it successfully.

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