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A dull and bland kitchen can suck the life out of cooking and hosting gatherings. The grease-stained cabinets, rusty and old-fashioned knobs, chipping wall paint, and ancient appliances give off a dreary vibe. And that can make even the most enthusiastic home cook feel uninspired.

If your kitchen needs a quick redo, there are many ways to bring it back to life without gutting the whole space and starting from scratch.

Let’s discuss some easy and budget-friendly ways to add life to your boring kitchen space:

  • Repaint or Reinstall Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets draw attention without much effort. They’re one of the first things people (especially guests) notice when they enter your kitchen. If your cabinets look shabby, you can either repaint them or reinstall them.

If you choose to repaint your cabinets, ensure to use paint resistant to grease and water. You don’t want your paint job to start chipping once you use your kitchen again.

As for reinstalling, look for a kitchen remodeling company in your area that can help you out. It is a bigger project than repainting and will require the help of professionals. You can run a quick Google search by typing the required services to locate experts in your city. For instance, typing “kitchen remodeling Walnut Creek CA” will enable you to approach professionals in Walnut Creek, CA.

  • Polish Your Countertops

Kitchen countertops come in many different materials - each material sees the end of its lifespan differently. For instance, if you’ve been using a butcher’s knife on your wooden countertop for the past few years, it may have deeply etched scars.

You can sand these scars and apply a fresh layer of wood finish or paint to make your countertop look new again. Similarly, if your marble countertop has lost its sheen, you can use a polishing agent to make it look shiny and new.

It’s essential to analyze your countertop material before deciding on a reviving method. You don’t want to damage your countertop beyond repair.

  • Paint the Walls

Trends in wall colors come and go, but a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your kitchen space. It can brighten up the whole room and make it feel new again. If you’re unsure what color to paint your kitchen, try a light and airy color like blue or green.

If you prefer making a bolder statement, you can always go for a dark color like black or deep purple. Just ensure the color you choose complements the rest of your kitchen. You don’t want it to clash with your cabinets or countertops. You can also create a captivating focal point by painting one wall a different color from the rest.

  • Update Your Backsplash

Oil stains and gravy splatters can make your backsplash look gross and dirty. It can be tricky to tackle if you leave it to build up. The best way to avoid this is to clean your backsplash regularly. You can use a degreaser or an all-purpose cleaner to eliminate the grease and grime.

If you feel nothing you do will reclaim the lost glory of your backsplash, you can always replace it. You can choose from backsplash materials like glass, tile, or stainless steel. You can also sprinkle some creativity and use wallpaper or contact paper. And to avoid making a mess of your kitchen, you can always hire a professional to do it for you.

  • Improve the Lighting

Have your children complained about the weird burnt taste in the food lately? If so, you might be burning your food while sautéing it without even knowing. The reason for this could be bad lighting in your kitchen.

If you can’t see what you’re cooking, it’s easy to make mistakes. Not to mention, bad lighting can make your kitchen look dull and dreary. The solution is simple: improve the lighting in your kitchen. You can achieve this by installing new light fixtures or adding more windows.

You can also use mirrors to reflect light and make your kitchen look brighter. Keep it classy and well under budget by visiting your local flea market for some great finds.

  • Bring in the Greens

The way plants boost indoor spaces is incomparable. They improve the air quality, make the space look more inviting, and can even help you focus while cooking. If you have a windowsill, start by placing some potted plants there.

You can also hang plants from the ceiling or place them on shelves. If you’re unsure which plants to get, succulents are always a good choice. They’re low-maintenance and can thrive in most indoor spaces. You can also plant a small herb garden to add freshness to your cooking.

Parsley, basil, oregano, and mint are some of the easiest herbs to grow indoors. Not only will they make your food taste better, but they’ll also make your kitchen smell amazing.


So, instead of giving up and ordering take-out every night, try reviving your kitchen space with one (or all) of these tips. Trust us, your wallet and your taste buds will thank you. And who knows, maybe you’ll even start to enjoy cooking again. 

partnered post • image by Wallace Chuck from Pexels