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Whether you need a complete bathroom makeover, or are only looking to change a few aspects of this space, bathroom remodeling projects can get quite complicated. Fortunately, you can successfully manage these upgrades by considering critical aspects that give these projects lasting value. Here, we look at five bathroom remodel tips.

1. Know how much bathroom space you have

Before you kick off your bathroom remodeling project, it is vital to consider how much space you have. By focusing your remodel on this fundamental element, you will quickly determine the best type of bathroom to install and the features you should include. For example, if you want a master en-suite bathroom with a spa-like vibe, you should prioritize installing glass doors from Van Isle Glass to separate the tub and shower areas.

2. Align everything to your budget

Bathroom remodels are often expensive, and to avoid running out of money when your project is halfway, you need to develop a realistic home upgrade budget. The best decision is to consult a bathroom remodeling expert to help align your budget to all expenses, including labor costs and materials. To save on money, prioritize completing the essentials and parts that are of most value to you. Most importantly, you must avoid the temptation of starting your bathroom remodel if you do not have enough funds to complete the project.

3. Consider lighting and ventilation

You must never skimp on lighting and ventilation when remodeling your bathroom. Whether you have a tiny or spacious bathroom, ensure you allow in as much light as possible and enough ventilation to avoid mold growth due to damp air and moisture. Remember to utilize natural light by adding windows and skylights besides using mirrors to reflect the available light and create an illusion of more space.

4. Get the right vanity and storage options

Bathroom vanities are a must-have feature and a chance to make a big statement. When picking these elements, you should prioritize options that freshen your bathroom’s aesthetics without taking too much space or being too small. For example, you could opt for a corner sink if you have a tight space or a floating vanity to make your bathroom look larger. On the other hand, a double vanity is a better option for a spacious family bathroom.

Besides getting the right vanity, you should also have adequate storage options in your bathroom. Consider using floating shelves, organization units below your vanity, and hanging hooks on unused sections of your walls.

5. Add some luxurious features

A bathroom remodel is never complete until it has a little sprinkle of luxury in it. This does not mean going overboard with your budget but involves including aesthetically pleasing features in this space. Popular luxurious features you can include in your bathroom are heated towel rails, smart showers, non-slip flooring, heated floors, and wall décor.


It takes the right level of planning and forethought for a successful bathroom remodel, and with these tips, you are guaranteed to give this all-important room a form that complements its function.

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