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It is almost always the best rule of thumb to call an exterminator when dealing with bed bugs. Even if you only notice a few in your home, chances are that there's more where they came from! DIY pest control is rarely effective, and never is it really the best course of action to take. Bed bugs are aggressive and quickly multiply, which is why time is of the essence and acting quickly is a requirement.

Of course, you may still not feel entirely convinced that you need professional exterminators to remove the problem. Below, we will discuss the most common signs and symptoms that you should pick up the phone and make that appointment as soon as possible!

  • You Start To Notice Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs do bite, and oftentimes, most people have some type of reaction or sensitivity to these bites. From simple hives to more severe itchy rashes, it is important to take the problem seriously from the start. Though physical symptoms will vary from one individual to the next, it is always important to consider the psychological effects of dealing with a bed bug infestation. Having insects in your home can make it feel unclean or unsafe, regardless of how much you clean, organize, and declutter your space. Working with exterminator services will ensure that the bed bugs are entirely eliminated, and you can feel safe in your bedroom again!

  • You Notice A Concentration Of Bed Bugs

Though bed bugs, by nature, are quite small, it doesn't mean they're completely invisible. In fact, it is possible to see them concentrated in a certain area of your mattress. Though unlike other insects, bed bugs don't live in colonies or form nests, they do visibly multiply. If you see that the concentration of bugs is progressively worsening, it is high time to call in pest control services. Oftentimes, waiting to get help will mean that the bugs have even more time to cause damage or wreak havoc on your household.

  • The Bed Bugs Are On The Move

As a rule of thumb, bed bugs by nature tend to keep out of sight and live on your mattress or hidden in your furniture. However, this by no means is a rule. In fact, bed bugs can actually infest other parts of your home, such as your windowsill, outlets, and even behind pictures on the wall. If you notice that the infestation seems to move to other areas of your home, it is definitely a sign that everything is spiralling out of control. It is not normal for bed bugs to migrate regularly, but when they start spreading, it does show that the problem is worse than what you were initially led to believe.

  • The Bed Bugs Aren’t Going Away

You may have thought you had the infestation under control, but if you start to notice that the problem still persists, it shows that the issue is far from over. Bed bugs can and will keep coming back as long as they aren't adequately exterminated the first time around. No homeowner deserves to have to deal with the persistence of insects, which is why it's always advisable to hire professionals from the get-go!

What Can Bed Bug Pest Control Services Do For You?

The first step after calling bed bug exterminator service is that a knowledgeable technician will perform a thorough inspection of your property. During this time, they will assess the situation and consider the depth of the infestation that you have. Pest control professionals are able to identify precisely where the problem originates and how the bed bugs are able to come into your home. This is useful in helping control the situation from its root cause. Additionally, you will also discover just where the bed bugs are staying in your home, and oftentimes, it's a wake-up call that the problem is worse than you initially believed.

Depending on the situation and the extent of the infestation, a game plan is developed by professionals. Every infestation is different, which is why companies never use a one-size-fits-all approach. Once the solution is discussed with the homeowner, the technician will work to control the situation and remove the insects effectively. Usually, insecticides, as well as a number of other tools, are used. However, it's worth noting that all equipment is used responsibly to ensure the health and safety of everyone in your household.

If your infestation is severe enough, you may need to consider getting follow-up treatments. This is actually more common than you think and is by no means a reflection on you as a homeowner. Having a professional regularly maintain your property will offer you peace of mind while ensuring that the infestation never again occurs. All situations are different, but sometimes, extra visits are necessary to ensure complete elimination.

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