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6 Ways to Prep Your House for Selling


Upgrade the Exterior

When a prospective buyer looks at pictures of your house online, they might miss the small details like wear and tear on the exterior. To prevent them from being disappointed when they arrive in person, make the necessary changes on the home’s exterior to give it a fresh new look. You may need to install new roofing and siding depending on how aged they look. This could be expensive, so find ways to cut renovation costs. Negotiate with multiple companies to ensure you get the best work for the most affordable price. If you can’t afford to make both upgrades, you could choose to only upgrade one, or pressure wash the siding and roof to remove unwanted stains. Now when you go to take photos of your home, it’ll look clean and stand out from the rest of the homes on the market. 

If a complete exterior makeover is too expensive, the next best step is to repaint it. Having a fresh coat of paint will not only look much better in the pictures, but it’ll make your house look newer than the neighboring houses. Some garage doors have their own designs that shouldn’t be painted over, but if possible, re-painting your garage door could make all the difference in the appearance of your home. Some older garage doors are very loud, so consider installing a new garage door system. If the door itself still looks great, you can find replacement motors that make less noise.

Spruce Up the Landscaping

The exterior of your home will look much better when complemented by a beautiful landscape. Sprucing up the garden with some lively colors will make your home more inviting when people stop for the open house. If there’s not much in your yard currently, you should consider hiring a landscaping company to add some bushes, flowers, and fresh mulch. This could be a project to do on your own if you have the time, but a landscaping company would be able to do it professionally and quickly so you don’t have to worry about having everything ready in time for house showings.

Be Prepared to Move Out

If you’re feeling unsure about all that moving out entails, read our essential guide to the moving process for a few ideas. As far as preparing your current property for sale, you’ll want to move as much as you can out of the house to give it a larger, spacious feel. If you’re still working out the details of moving, be cognizant of the costs. On top of the cost of your new house, you’ll have to pay for a moving truck, moving service, and potential damage to any items during travel. It’s best to pay for moving out of pocket if you have the money, but if you’re tight on cash you could take out a personal loan to cover the expenses. Just make sure you consider these extra costs in addition to your other monthly expenses so you don’t spread yourself too thin. 

Modernize Outdated Looks

You might’ve grown accustomed to a certain style in your home, which might not resonate with buyers. Even if you’ve moved out all of your furniture, there are still some style choices you can modernize. The most noticeable change you could make would be to repaint sections of the house. Typically, garish colors like bright pink or orange walls are a bit extreme for most buyers. Pick more neutral, yet inviting colors like beige, or variations of white to give the space a brighter look. Change up the color of baseboards and other trim sections around the house. If these are looking battered and scratched up from the years, they can be replaced without breaking the bank. You could even install them yourself if you have the tools to measure and cut the wood. 

Another part of the house that could be outdated is the appliances. If the fridge, washing machine, stove, and other essentials are in working order you can get away with leaving them as-is. However, if any of them are older and causing problems, you may need to replace them. At the very least, make sure you have the warranties ready to give to the next owner. 

Hire a Great Photographer

The first impression buyers will have is looking at pictures of your home on their computer screen. Hiring a photographer ensures that you’re getting the best angles and lighting to help your listing stand out from the others. If you have a high quality standalone camera or have a great one built into your phone, you could have a go at it on your own. However, professional photographers have experience with knowing exactly what photos to take in and around the house. The cost of a photographer compared to the overall cost of buying a new house is minimal, so it’s up to you how much you want to spend. 

Get an Inspection

Depending on where you live and the real estate agents involved, getting an inspection is absolutely necessary. Even if it’s legal to forgo an inspection, the buyer’s real estate agent will most likely want to significantly reduce the asking price to account for potential problems with the house. If you want to make moving stress-free, get an inspection to avoid any issues. You want to walk away from your old home satisfied with the selling price so you can feel more financially confident moving into your new home.

partnered post • cc-licensed image by Tony Mariotti