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When the bank holidays come around, many people decide that is the best time to get creative and start their latest DIY project. Although not all of them go smoothly, it is a kind of tradition that has built up over time. 

If you are in the mood for a project but can't decide, here are five DIY projects that you might try over the course of the June bank holiday. 

  • Give your kitchen cupboards a makeover

If your kitchen cupboards have seen better days, then the bank holiday could be the perfect opportunity to give them a revamp that will make them look modern and beautiful.  All you need is some primer, paint or sticky-backed plastic, and some glue such as that available from Adkwik.

Make sure that the surfaces of your cupboards are properly prepared before you begin painting. You can go along with the current theme of the kitchen, or change it up and redecorate the rest later. 

  • Show the garden some love

Chances are you might not have done too much in the garden over the winter. The leaves and overgrown weeds will need your attention along with cleaning the outside furniture ready for the summer BBQ. 

Don’t do too much at one time, spread it out over a couple of days so that you don’t feel too exhausted. This is also a good time to look at adding more plants or changing existing ones for something new. 

  • Declutter one room

If you or someone you live with is a bit of a hoarder, then you can quickly find yourself surrounded by piles of unwanted things. To help free some space, why not spend the bank holiday decluttering one room in your house? 

It doesn’t matter which room it is, but you will feel so much better once the room is cleared. You can then think about which room you can do next time. 

  • Regrout your tiles

Grouting can get dirty and dry out over time, leaving gaps or unsightly lines on your tiles. The process of regrouting isn’t as bad as it sounds. You just need to first use a grout rake to get out all of the old grouting, and a brush to make it clean. 

You can then either use ready-made grout or make it up yourself and use a grout float to smooth it over the tiles. It can take a few days to a couple of weeks to fully dry out, but you can clean up the tiles when you have finished to give a good final result. 

  • Make some presents

Whether it's for a birthday or starting early for Christmas, making your own gifts is a lovely thing to do. It shows you care and has the advantage of allowing you to create a unique gift that will remind the recipient of you. 

What gifts you decide to make depends on your own creativity, but whatever it is, remember where you put them so that they don’t get lost before the big day. 


Starting a project over the June bank holiday will leave you with a sense of achievement and pride in your creativity – so why not give one of the above home DIY ideas a go?

partnered post • cc-licensed image by Charlotte Holmes