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Finding a new rental apartment is both exciting and frustrating. You will be able to reach perfection only if you conduct a thorough inspection before settling for a place. There are many things to consider to see if an apartment is truly the one for your current circumstances. Unfortunately, the process does not get any less stressful, even if you are doing it for the tenth time in your life. 

To help you out with this process, we have prepared a list of 7 things you should keep in mind on your next apartment hunt.

1) The location

You can start by circling out the areas in your city that you are considering for your residence. Usually, this decision is dependent on your place of work, the budget you have, and the neighborhood you want. Looking for apartments that are nearer to your workplace will make conveyance easier. You will also be able to save up on fuel costs. 

Apartments in different areas in a city vary in their prices. A well-established area with good infrastructure and modern architecture will be worth more, so it would be wise to visit the places you believe you can afford. This tip will protect you from setting your heart on an apartment that does not lie in your budget and keep you focused. 

2) Set a budget

For the first tip to be effective, begin by calculating how much can you afford for an apartment. Your budget is one of the most critical factors affecting your decision. Having a perfect estimate of how much you can afford will make the hunt easier. However, a mistake or uncertainty in this regard can be misleading. Try using an online calculator to calculate your budget and avoid errors. Your budget should be reflective of your expectations. Setting a low budget for loads of amenities will be discouraging when you get to know the actual prices.

3) Check the amenities

Everybody’s expectations from their apartments are different. For example, a gym facility may be a significant deciding factor for you if you are a gym enthusiast. Or a play area and pool might be necessary if you have children you want to keep engaged. Some apartment complexes also offer a daycare service. Make sure you prioritize what amenities you require. These amenities also come with costs. Ask the tenant or management for maintenance charges just so you are aware of your monthly expenditure.

4) The neighbors

The neighbors affect the entire aura of your apartment and the surrounding area. Older people dominate some buildings while the others have younger habitants. Check around to see if their demographics are similar to yours. You do not want to be listening to loud music from the apartments next to you when you have school-going children. And being reported for disturbing older citizens is not a fun experience too. You should consider what kind of neighbors there are for peace of mind in the future.

While you are at it, make it a point to ask them about the facilities. Take their opinion on satisfaction with the management and their experience. You can also ask the ex-tenants why they have decided to move out. Was it their personal decision, or was it because of a problem in the apartment? Again, people already living there will give you a greater insight into how the living experience may be.

5) The condition

All apartments look beautiful in pictures. However, it would help if you visited the place at least once to see its actual condition. Request your landlord to fix chipped paint or leaky faucets. Other issues might be more significant and need to be addressed urgently: Like the presence of bugs, water damage, dirty air filters, mold, improper air conditioning, etc. These problems may be indicating more grave issues that your landlord might have been avoiding. Find a solution for these issues with your landlord so that they do not reappear. The condition of your house highly affects your physical and mental health.

6) The landlord

Landlords define your experience renting an apartment. A rigid landlord with unreasonable expectations and a lack of boundaries may be challenging to satisfy ever. Ask them about payment due dates and see if they are flexible in terms of those. If you wish to make changes in the apartment, a strict landlord may not allow you to do so. The permission to allow pets in the apartment may also be dependent on the landlord. You might need a pet-loving landlord if you have any pets. Make sure you have met your landlord all the questions you have to decide if they are right.

7) The lease

Read the lease carefully or get a lawyer to look into it before sealing the deal. It should be clear about how long it is, is subletting allowed, and whether roommates are permitted or not. The lease should also clearly mention when the rent is due and what are the utility charges. Do the utility charges include maintenance costs, and who will carry out maintenance? Ask your landlord all questions about who is responsible for what. Uncertainty over this might result in trouble later.

The Bottom Line:

To conclude, it is safe to say that there is no one perfect way to go about this. However, preparing a checklist of all the qualities you want and then prioritizing them may streamline your choices. Only visit places that match your description and affordability. Also, before you sign anywhere, make sure all your doubts are cleared.

partnered post • image from Pixabay