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When planning to move your household items, you need to mind your fragile items, such as electronics. Electronics are some of your things that require a lot of attention when packing and moving. 

One way to ensure they are well moved is to involve professionals. When you hire commercial movers to help you pack and relocate your belongings, they will take care of your electronics and ensure everything goes on smoothly. 

Nevertheless, if it is a DIY move, you need to learn how to pack your electronics to avoid damages or breakages. Below are six steps on how you can pack your electronics when moving. 

Six Tips on How to Pack Electronics When Moving

  1. Backup your files

When packing your electronics for a move, the first step to consider is to back up your files. You need to ensure that all your personal computer's vital information is well-saved in a separate hard disk. 

Do not pack your computers or laptops before backing up the files. Whether essential family photos or company files, ensure everything is safe before moving. 

Remember, unexpected things can happen when moving. Therefore, you need to be sure you have a backup of all information data. 

  1. Get the right packing materials

The next step is to get suitable packing materials. This will ensure every electronic in your home or office is well packed. Hence, you will need sturdy packing boxes that are larger than the electronic device. But the best packing box to consider is the original box for the item.  

The next material you need is strong packing tape. This will make sure every box is well closed. You do not want to lose your electronics when moving. 

You also need to bubble wrap or any other anti-static packing material. Remember, electronics are susceptible to static electricity. Get packing blankets or plastic wrap to ensure no damages or scratches on your electronics. 

Some people also use towels, blankets, or sheets to fill the empty spaces in the box. These are great things to ensure your electronics do not shift when being moved. Moreover, you will save money on packing materials. 

  1. Declutter

You might not know, but there are some electronics you do not need in the new home. Therefore, list those you want to keep and those to get rid of. Moving is the best time to declutter. 

If you have electronics in good condition but do not need them, you can organize a garage sale or sell them online. Happily, there are many sites to post items for sale for free. 

Also, you can donate some to your friends, family members, schools, or non-profit organizations. For electronics not in good condition, make sure you dispose of them nicely not to harm the environment. 

  1. Organize your electronic cords and remotes

When moving to a new home, cables and cords are not well packed. Most people end up with untangling wires, and the process is frustrating. Thus, you may take a lot of time to figure out which cord belongs to a particular device. 

Therefore, wrap the cords neatly and then label each one of them. This will help you know which cable belongs to which electronic. Avoid putting your cords and remotes in one box. 

It is also good to take pictures of how the cords are connected. This will ensure you have an easy time unpacking and connecting your electronics. But make sure you take photos together with the electronics. 

  1. Mind the temperature

Unlike other items, it is essential to think of the temperature when moving your electronics. Remember, most electronics are very sensitive to extreme temperatures. Hence, it might be wise to pack them in your car instead of a moving truck. 

If you have a printer to pack, take ink cartridges to avoid messing up other items. You can put them in a plastic bag when moving. Moreover, ink cartridges are very sensitive to extreme temperatures. 

  1. Pack and label every box

Make sure you have packed every electronic in the correct box. Do not over-pack and ensure every box is well-packed. If there are some spaces, you can fill them with clothes or sheets. 

Once you have packed the electronics and the cables, make sure you label every box. Label them as Fragile Items and show which side is up by writing This Side Up. 

Also, electronic boxes should be packed last. Hence, label them as Pack Last to help the movers mind the boxes when moving. This is to prevent them from being packed like any other box. 

Final Word

By following the above tips, you can pack and move your electronics properly. But if you are nervous about packing electronics, the best option is to hire a professional moving company. 

Recruiting a moving company such as NYC movers is an excellent option to ensure the electronics are well packed and moved. They will evaluate your electronics before moving time and pack them correctly.

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