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A masterfully executed attic conversion can transform unlivable space within your home into an area that is lovely and comfortable in all seasons. However, one that is poorly performed can quickly become an exercise in discomfort for one and all – not to mention a major money pit. These tips will help you get more mileage from your attic conversion so you can enjoy the extra space for many years to come.

Bring Natural Light into the New Space Whenever Possible

Natural light is often a deal breaker for homeowners. The more natural light that comes into the home, the better everyone feels using certain spaces inside the home.

Windows are a little difficult when converting attic spaces into livable areas. That doesn’t change the need most people have for the mood-enhancing and visual benefits natural lighting delivers. Fortunately, modern skylights provide plenty of options to bring in natural light in forms that look and feel natural.

Use Ceiling Fans to Add an Extra Layer of Comfort

Many people feel that ceiling fans are no-goes when it comes to attic conversions. Nothing could be further from the truth. Installing flush mount ceiling fans in your attic space allows you all the benefits of these beautiful fans for circulating comfort all year long, without the drawbacks of ceiling fans that have longer drops on them.

Today, there are more designs and styles available than ever before, even in low profile ceiling fan options. This means that you are likely to find a fan that fits right into your attic conversion by size and design. You will find many space-saving fan options available to help you keep your cool during the summer and stay cozy and warm in the winter.

Work With Your Space, Not Against It

The problem many people have when attempting attic conversions is that they are constantly fighting against the space available to them. If the ceilings are shorter than you’d like, find a way to make them work for your needs. Consider shorter chairs for a sitting area or a low-profile bed frame for your sleeping area.

An additional problem you may have is a desire to avoid walls that block limited natural lighting. Go with that desire and choose shorter bookcases to partition off space in your attic conversion without minimizing the light coming into your living area.

Paint with Lighter Colors

You’ll be awed and amazed at the difference a lighter color paint will make in your attic space. Not only will the paint help to reflect the light rather than absorbing it the way darker colors manage, but it will also help to make the space feel larger and more spacious.

Lighting is critical but limited in most attics. At least when it comes to natural light. That is why it is essential to use design elements like paint and artificial light to help the area feel larger than its actual size. Colors like eggshell or light grey can help the area feel more open and spacious to the casual observer as well as those who spend a great deal of time in this space.

Use Mirrors and Light

Another trick for making this small space appear larger is the use of lighting and mirrors. It sounds simple, and in many ways it is. Even in ancient times, the combination of sunlight and mirrors could be used to brighten the darkest of spaces. The same holds true in todays attics and basements – any space with limited access to natural light can be artificially illuminated with mirrors, lamps, and cleverly positioned overhead lighting.

Skip Any Ideas of Perfection

Part of the beauty of attic conversions is the fact that they are perfectly imperfect. The rooms are not perfectly square and there are plenty of design and décor challenges you’ll face along the way. These challenges include the limitations for bringing larger pieces of furniture into the space or moving it around once there. Options to consider include using inflatable air mattresses, hammock chairs instead of sofas, and building furniture and storage in place rather than bringing larger, heavier, more difficult to maneuver pieces into the space.

The better prepared you are to create an eclectic and fun little area within your home the more exciting the prospect can become. More importantly, the greater license you can give yourself to transform this space into something that is truly spectacular.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to attic conversions that work for homeowners. However, following the advice above can help you make your space more appealing for your attic conversion needs. The idea is to create a space that meets your needs and those of your family when it comes to having plenty of room to spread out and truly live inside your home.

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