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Do you ever feel as though you are constantly improving your home? If you are always decorating, changing things, installing upgrades, and refurbing tired spaces then you certainly aren’t alone. We spend a lot of time in our homes, and we want them to be at their best. Most of us are always seeking ways to make our homes more efficient, more beautiful, and more comfortable. We’re looking for ways to make them more sustainable, to show off our personality and to have a home that we are proud of. 


This is completely normal, and to an extent, you’ll probably always want to make small changes and improvements. But you should try your best to future-proof your home, at least when it comes to the bigger elements. A future-proof living space is safe, sustainable, cost-effective, and hardwearing. Yes, you’ll probably always want to paint walls and add accessories, but with a future-proof base to work from, you’ll save money and time, and your home will always be ready to show off to guests. 

Invest in Good Quality Flooring

Good quality flooring is essential. It’s a big part of the décor in your living space, taking up a lot of the available area, so you want it to look good. But it also takes a lot of footfall over the years, not to mention spillages, drops, trips and other damage. Poor quality flooring is hard and expensive to look after, and with everything the floor in a family space has to cope with, it won’t last. Investing in a hardwood floor can be a great idea if you are looking for hardwearing flooring that will last the test of time. Even better, you can quickly accessorise a laminate floor with a trendy rug if you are looking to make a quick, inexpensive change. 

Get into Good Cleaning Habits

Investing in good quality is often the best way to make sure your décor, furnishings, and appliances last for as long as possible. But this is only true if you look after them. Get into good cleaning and maintenance routines and your home will look good and work well for much longer. 

Always Consider the Future

Whenever you update your living space, whether it’s a change to the décor, a new sofa, or a bigger refurb, always do it with the future in mind. Think about whether these changes will still suit your lifestyle and family in 10 years, considering your age, and mobility, as well as your future plans.


When it comes to future proofing, don’t worry about things like accessories and soft furnishings, which can be changed easily. Instead, prioritise things like flooring, heating, windows, and important pieces of furniture which contribute to your safety and quality of life. These are the things that need to last, not those finishing touches that make a home. 

Keep it Simple

When it comes to décor, the best way to future-proof is to keep things simple, avoiding trends and fashions, and sticking to plain, light colours that work with different seasons, accessories and styles. Keep your walls plain and you can easily change things up with the addition of some colourful accessories. Choose bold wallpapers and designs, and suddenly you are very limited and have to make huge changes every time you want something different. 

Perhaps the best ways to future-proof your living space are to avoid trends and to make changes mindfully. Always think about the future before you make any changes, but especially bigger, more expensive ones. 

partnered post • photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels