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Protecting Home Appliances When Moving To a New House

Protecting home appliances when moving a house!!!

Home appliances are considered fragile and are prone to damage too when transporting. When moving home, it is important to pack them safely for safe transportation of these items. Each step of the relocation process such as moving, loading, unloading, transporting have a certain kind of risk associated with it. You need to avoid any damage to both your home and appliances as well. If you don’t really know what to do to keep everything safe then you should hire movers from pricingvanlines.com. If you get the expertise of professionals then you don’t have to worry about the safety of the items because they have to right tools and they are also aware of the right techniques that will make the entire relocation easier and efficient. If you are moving by yourself and want to know tips to transport these then have a look at these tips and tricks:

Start with the preparation of electronics 

Backup all the important data before transportation 

Before you pack electronic items, you need to consider any unforeseen circumstances so as to not to lose your important data which you can’t afford – it is always best to backup all that data before packing. To prevent the loss of valuable data, this is the best idea.

Disconnect all electronic items

Before packing, it is important to disconnect all the items. If you don’t disassemble items then you might use them anytime but disassembly of items can keep them physically safe and easy to pack and transport.

Don’t forget about the property protection

Moving heavy appliances also puts your home at the risk of damage therefore take enough precautions and prepare everything well in advance to keep your home safe. The main danger appears on the hardwood, vinyl, tile, and carpeted floors. So, it is important to take adequate safety measures. To protect flooring, you should lay a protective layer of polythene or any other material on it, especially in high-traffic areas. So that you don’t have to face huge property losses.

Packing materials you require

Before you start packing the items, you should collect enough packing materials which ensures that your items will be safe during transportation. Check out this list:

Packing paper

Packing small appliances is not very difficult but packing large appliances is a little complicated. Using packing paper is great to transport items without any scratches or damage.

Bubble wrap

This is the crucial material which you should use for packing. You should use twice bubble wrapping to ensure proper protection as the air-filled bubbles will bear the movement by themselves while keeping the items inside them safe and well protected.

Furniture blankets

For large home appliances, it is better to wrap them around using blankets so that they can easily be transported safely with an outstanding level of protection. You can either purchase them or can get them on rent.


Dolly is a wheeled assistant that makes the lifting of the items easier. You can easily move these to load using a dolly. The tool is perfect to load and unload heavy home appliances with complete safety.

Moving straps

To lift heavy appliances until the dolly is slid underneath them, it is important to get moving straps.

Apart from these, you should get boxes, enough padding materials, tools to disassemble and assemble items, packing tape, cardboard boxes, and some other as per the requirement of the specific move.  

If possible, use the original box and padding 

Usually, all the home appliances come in boxes with proper padding. Companies pack them perfectly to ensure their proper safety to reach their customers. This will keep your items protected and also you don’t need to put much effort into packing.

Don’t move appliances by yourself

You should not try to relocate your appliances by yourself especially the large and heavy ones as it puts your life at risk along can cause damage to the appliances as well. Hiring movers to do the job is the best possible way but if you can’t afford to hire movers then getting the help of your friends and family members is also an ideal option. When having more hands on the deck then it will distribute the weight into the entire item therefore move becomes easier and safer. 

Check instructions present on the appliances 

You can also get recommendations by checking instructions written on the appliances that are given by the manufacturer. Like when you have to move the washing machine then you need to screw all the parts tightly so that nothing can move around during the transportation while for the transportation of the refrigerator you need to deforest and unplug it for at least 24 hours.

Wrapping it all up!

There is no better time to make a plan for packing home appliances than this so it is better to do this. Prepare a plan right now and use all the above-written tips so that you don’t face big problems and losses later on. 

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