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Many homeowners are constantly searching for ways to make their homes truly theirs. While some folks decide to add more artwork or antiques to their home’s interior, others opt for a general remodel, changing the floors and purchasing new furniture. Even though it might seem that only one approach can be valid in this situation, it could not be further from the truth.

Every house is different and needs a unique approach to showcase all of its beauty. To give your home more personality, you can make minor adjustments like moving furniture and revamping the upholstery or take a bolder approach and do something significant, such as changing the colour of your rooms or mixing up a few patterns you like.

Depending on what you are comfortable with, it’s easy to make your home stand out. It’s up to you to decide what style you want to give your home. And if you are not sure how to do it, below you will find a few tips on how to give your home personality.

Choose the Right Paint Colours

The first step is to choose the right colour for your home. While you might think that all colours are good, this is not necessarily true. What makes the difference is the colour’s undertone. The undertone is the ratio between primary and secondary colour in paint, making it appear closer to one of them.

What some homeowners do not realise is that each colour has a different undertone. For example, the colour that looks perfect in your bathroom might not be ideal for your living room. To maximise the effect of a room and give it more personality, you need to choose the right colour combination.

Install New Flooring

Changing the flooring of your home is a great way to add more personality to it. Whether you go for hardwood, carpet or loose lay vinyl flooring, the effect will be the same: your home will look and feel much warmer and cozier.

If you want to give your home more personality, you should opt for a neutral colour: this way, it will be easier for you to add more colour and patterns to the room if you decide to do so at a later date.

Rearrange Your Furniture

One of the easiest ways to give your home more personality is by simply moving around your furniture. The usual furniture arrangement we see in homes usually involves having a living room and a dining area separated from each other. However, this is not the only option available to you.

You can give your home more personality by arranging your dining table in the middle of your living room and by adding a few art pieces alongside your furniture; this way, you will be able to make the space feel bigger and more sophisticated. Even if you have a small space, there are many ways for you to arrange your furniture and give your home a new look.

Add Artwork or Pictures

Artwork and pictures are a great way to give any room more personality. You can hang them on the walls or place them on the side table or against the back of your sofa. The effect is instant! In addition to giving your home more personality, artwork and pictures will help brighten up the room.

For example, if you want a picture of a person, you should choose one that makes sense for the room and will not look out of place or weird. If you go for a black and white patterned picture for a baby’s room, it will stand out better than a picture with bright colours would. Another crucial factor when choosing artwork is its size. If you want the artwork to stand out, make sure it is big enough to do so without looking too large or too small for its location.

Use Colourful Accents

If you want to give your home more personality, you can start by using colourful accent pieces. If you are not sure how to choose the right colours, you should start by determining the dominant colour in the room. If the room has a lot of yellow in it, you could add a red throw pillow to bring the accents together.

You can do it quickly with small details like throw pillows or blankets. Once you have decided on a colour scheme and a pattern, you can add more details to the room. Utilise both patterns and colours individually or mix them together. The idea is to find something you like and not be afraid of trying something new.

Add a Unique Piece of Furniture

If you want to give your home more personality, there is nothing like adding a unique piece of furniture. Whether it’s an armchair or a coffee table, the idea is to find one that complements the room and is different from what everyone else has. You can make it a central piece of the room or simply something you see every time you enter the room.

It might not be easy to find a unique piece of furniture, but it is worth the effort. When you find something that fits the room and the rest of your home’s interior, it will instantly give your space a whole new look and feel. It can even serve as a conversation starter with your guests!


If you want your home to stand out and feel unique, adding personality is one of the best ways to do so. Whether you own a small apartment or a large house, there are many ways for you to make your space truly yours. You can choose to make small changes or go for something bolder, but in the end, the effect will be the same.

To give your home more personality, you need to use all of your creativity and imagination, as well as your budget. Take your time to find the perfect furniture and details to complement the room and create a unique space that will reflect your taste and style.

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