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How To Construct a Custom House


You have outgrown your current home and are ready to move. While there are many options for you on the market, the one that gives you all the amenities you are looking for is building it yourself. Controlling the process lets you choose everything that you want while monitoring the budget that you have established. Here are a few steps to follow when building your house.

Find a Piece of Land

To establish what you will need to spend to begin construction, contact different experts in the real estate industry. Reach out to several home builders in your area to set up an appointment with them. Once you detail what you are looking for in your house, ask them to provide you with an estimate for their work. This should include all of the carpeting, lighting, and fixtures. Meet with a real estate agent to look at pieces of property that you can build on. When you have the numbers necessary to apply for financing, talk with your bank and submit the paperwork to get your loan.

Get Ready for Construction

Once you have purchased the land that you want to build on, organize a few work days to clear it of brush, trash, and other items that could slow up breaking ground. Your contractor will schedule a land surveyor to check the lot to ensure that the structure will fit the way you want it to. Machinery will be brought in to dig out the basement or foundation and to adjust the land so that water will flow freely from the house to the street. Items that are needed for the duration of the project, such as a dumpster and portable toilets, are brought in just before work starts.

Set the Footings

Before the walls can be erected, you need to lay concrete to support them. Determine whether you want a basement in your home or if you just wish for a foundation. Workers will dig trenches where the cement will go and support them with boards. Once things are in place, the mixture will be poured into the footings. Drains will be established to move standing water away from the project. As the walls dry, they will be free from the wood. A waterproof sealant is applied to protect it from moisture that will damage it.

Build the House

The contractor will organize when the electrician and plumber will be by to visit you. They will install the initial wiring and pipes that are needed to continue the build. At this point, the sewer will be connected to the structure through your yard. The power will also be linked up to the utility box. The lumber and other hardware will be delivered when the footings are dry. Carpenters are called in to nail together the framing. After this, the siding is placed on the outside. Inside, insulation is set between the studs before drywall is hung over it. At this point, windows and doors are also put into their place. 

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