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After a day’s hard work, one of the best things you should have is to sleep. Sleeping helps you reset and recharge. Without sleep, you can get sick. Not only that, but you’ll also feel tired, physically and mentally. Studies show that a healthy adult should at least get 7 hours of sleep every night.

Time or length alone isn’t the sole factor for quality sleep. For one, you need to improve the quality of your sleep. With that said, how do you improve the way you sleep? One significant change you can make is by making your bedroom cozy. If your bedroom is conducive for rest, then you’ll have no problem snoozing. Here are some tips to get you started on making your bedroom the best place to sleep:

Soundproof It!

A noisy environment is never a good thing to be in when you’re sleepy. Even if your bedroom is quiet, outside noise can quickly get inside your room. If someone were to blow their horn at night unexpectedly, have a noisy party, or you just have an inconsiderate neighbor, an ordinary bedroom is no safe haven for you.

By soundproofing your room, you make it more than ordinary. Sound Proof Curtains are some of the best things you can add to your room to prevent sound from breaking in. These curtains are usually thick but thin enough not to trap air around. You could also add acoustic panels and add carpets to your bedroom floor for another soundproofing layer.

Going Dark

Turning off the lights is best when you want to sleep. Keeping gadgets or anything that emits light away from you is good. However, you can also go “darker” with your room. Choose dark colors such as light black or grey with your walls. With a darker environment, our body’s circadian rhythm adjusts according to the light we see and perceive.

Air Conditioning

As mentioned above, the circadian rhythm in our bodies adjusts to the time and the environment we’re in. For example, in hotter environments, our body tends to heat up and increase blood flow. 

With an increased blood flow, we’re more active and feel less tired. In colder environments, however, the body saves up energy and slows everything down. This adjustment is why we tend to feel lethargic or sleepy when it’s gloomy, cold, or raining.

An air conditioner is what you’ll need to simulate that cold, gloomy feel. First, make sure your room is sealed correctly, or the air can’t circulate inside properly. If you don’t have an air conditioning unit, make sure you’re sleeping in a place that’s properly ventilated.

Away with Clutter

Having a messy room can affect the way you sleep. A messy room feels stuffy because of several scattered things just lying around. With stuff just littered all over, you provide more surfaces for the dust to cling to. 

When dust clumps together, more heat is brought into your room. Tidy up before you sleep and try to maintain a clean environment. With everything fixed up, you’ll have no problem falling asleep.


With everything said about going dark and temperature, you don’t have to shut them out totally. With lights, you can dial it down to a warmer feel. Dimmed lights can feel cozy and help you fall asleep better. With temperature, having a warm fireplace or heat source in a cold environment also helps you feel and sleep better.

There’s also sound. While some people can’t sleep with sound, music can also help some. Depending on the music played and the preference, people can either sleep to something calm like classical music or something heavy like alternative rock. The key with the ambiance is to not really remove something from your bedroom space. Instead, it’s mostly about adjusting the correct elements to suit your needs.


Sleeping is an important activity that people should always do. Without sleep, we can have severe mental and physical health problems. Fortunately, you can fall asleep easier in an environment that’s conducive for rest. The tips above will help transform your space into a personal sanctuary where you can sleep safe and sound.

partnered post • cc-licensed image by Chris D