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Seven Home DIY projects You Should Leave to the Pros


Do it yourself (DIY) is the process or a set of different activities. It encompasses activities like developing, repairing, decorating, mending, and modifying, performed without the assistance of designated professionals. People usually perform these activities to renovate or repair malfunctioning stuff in their homes. 

There are several reasons behind indulging in doing it yourself projects. For instance, mending a leakage of the sink pipe yourself can be quicker and economical than searching and hiring a professional plumber. 

At times, DIY is also exciting and self-fulfilling when you are adept at handling diverse household issues. 

Thus professional assistance is a harmless matter. However, countless other projects can be challenging and require a refined skill set. For instance, you are interested in remodeling your home’s bathroom. 

Failures in such repairs and renovations can be time-consuming, costlier, and even dangerous while doing them yourself. Thus seeking professional assistance is crucial and even cost-effective. 

The following sections disclose some of the challenging and complex DIY projects that require the involvement of experts.

1. Fixing structural cracks and fissures

Cracks in your house’s ceiling, flooring, plastering, and rooftops are not simple issues to fix yourself. It is way more complex, even for professionals. Such kinds of repairs require diverse remodeling and renovating skillsets. 

These problems can be indicating foundational faults due to outdated structures or natural accidents, such as earthquakes or heavy rain. Thus handling them requires a comprehensive understanding of the architectural and structural framework of your house. 

However, your mistakes can lead to extensive damage to plumbing systems, electricity connections, and even structural. 

Therefore, calling an expert is an unavoidable option. As such, getting in touch with Express Handyman can resolve your problem instantly and effectively. Their diversity of expertise can easily handle complex repairs, including carpentry, plumbing, maintenance, installations, remodeling, demolishing, assembling, and electrical.

2. Flooring and ceiling

Undeniably, interior decoration has a significant influence in elevating mood and reducing exhaustion. Remodeling and renovating flooring and ceiling is perhaps the quickest fix to minimize your anxiety and acquire a comforting outlook of your home. 

However, handling flooring and ceiling stuff can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. More specifically, interior décor is one of the leading causes of polluted air quality indoors. As such, vinyl flooring made of recycled materials can give off toxic chemicals, including lead, phthalates, cadmium, mercury, and other toxins. 

Similarly, improper handling of glue and adhesives can irritate your sensitive body organs, such as skin, eyes, and nose. While performing remodeling, you may not know specific materials, styling variations, and their environmental footprint. 

Hence, repairing these issues is way more dangerous than saving money and seeking professional guidance.

3. Repairing electricity appliances

Though connecting a red wire with red and green with green may seem a handy task, what if your appliance has different wiring colors? Generally, repairing electric devices is one of the riskiest jobs to do yourself. 

According to the International Labor Union, electric appliances repair has several biological, physical, chemical, mechanical, and accidental challenges. 

For instance, a wrong connection can cause a short circuit leading to fire. You can also expose yourself to electromagnetic and microwave radiations while fixing appliances like the microwave oven. 

Coming into contact with active wires can instantly give electric shock while fixing circuits and wiring. 

In addition, soldering, brazing and, welding activities can cause burns and expose you to toxins, such as lead. Similarly, hasty work with repairing tools, sharp and edgy equipment can cause skin damages and cuts. 

Thus hiring an electrician will resolve your problem effectively and prevent subsequent damages.

4. Painting and plastering indoors

Removing outdated coating requires several protective gears like gloves, eyeglasses, and mask. It is also necessary to procure or purchase plastering tools and coating material. In the end, you’ll end up buying a whole set of remodeling stuff. 

You will only be able to save service charges. In most cases, you will encounter even more grave consequences than saving service charges. 

Thus bearing these charges is way more beneficial than endangering yourself as a novice. For instance, specific paint and coating materials give off volatile organic compounds (VOC). Frequent and prolonged exposure to VOC can lead to several healthcare complications, such as damages to kidneys, nervous system, and lungs. 

Similarly, you do not know if your house’s plastering material contains hazardous materials, such as asbestos. Dealing with these chemicals has lifelong consequences for your health. If you are planning for extensive indoor renovation, it is better to hire a painter and plasterer.

5. Bathroom repairs

Bathroom repairs are more challenging. For instance, refinishing and restoring an eroded bathtub requires stripping and cleaning chemicals, such as acids, methylene chloride, and isocyanates. These chemicals have various health inflicting consequences. Using them in closed and unventilated spaces can impair your nervous system, congest your breathing, and high doses can even lead to instant death. 

Performing these activities needs awareness regarding what chemicals to use and how to handle them safely. 

Similarly, repairing and unclogging sewerage pipelines may require unstrapping flooring and plastering. If you are not proficient in plumbing work, this can be lead to even more damage to your bathroom and the entire house. 

For instance, improper fixing of fault lines can contribute to water leakages and erosion in the future. Hence, a seemingly simple fix can be exhausting and risky and may end up in more expenses. 

6. Demolishing interior structures

When indoors feel congested and stuffy, quickly sorting out unnecessary stuff does not seem to work either. Sometimes, your space requirements require removing structures, such as partitioning walls or spare rooms, to widen up and extend space. 

Though demolishing may seem easier in some cases, the whole structure of your house can collapse in carelessness. For instance, removing a load-bearing barrier or partition can cause instant collapse and damage to adjacent rooms. 

Similarly, you may not be skilled at handling electric wiring, ventilating ducts, water supply fixtures, and pipes inside partitioning structures. 

Damaging any of these frameworks can lead to widespread consequences. A simple activity may transform into a complex and costly overhaul. Therefore, seeking the assistance of professional architecture or structural engineer is recommended.

7. Yard and lawn restoration

Yard and lawn restoration is not only exhausting and expensive but can also be risky. Getting the desired outlook of your lawn does not merely involve mowing, seeding, and watering. It is an extensive process that can extend over several days and even months. 

The renovation process may also interfere with drainage tiles, compact soil, fertilizers, and dangerous equipment. Laborious work and handling sharp tools and devices can cause accidental cuts and skin punctures, exposing your skin to rust. 

You are also prone to insecticidal and bacterial attacks and infections, including tetanus and Lyme. 

In addition, improper handling of pesticides and fertilizers can contaminate your water supply. These chemicals can also cause you breathing problems and skin irritation. 

The restoration process requires knowledge of diverse expertise, including gardening, farming, planting, and plumbing. Thus asking for professional help can save you from extensive trouble and healthcare threats.


Do-it-yourself projects may seem doable and exciting, but it is not always the case. Often, mere excitement and financial consideration can lead to several complications and even more expensive problems. 

If you are not careful, these issues can also cause you self-harm. Thus seeking expert assistance and guidance is crucial.

partnered post • image by Ivan Samkov from Pexels