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Fresh New Ideas for Your Bathroom

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 Your bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home. It is where you clean yourself before you start your day or before you go to bed. But that doesn’t mean all your bathroom needs are its functionality. You can also design and style it to your liking, like adding an LED bathroom mirror or floating vanities to have a visually pleasing experience every time you enter. 

So if you are building or in the process of renovating your bathroom, then here are fresh new ideas that you will surely love to put in it.

Floating Vanities

Floating vanities always add a sense of elegance to your bathroom. Plus, it makes your bathroom look more spacious. But aside from the space-saving feature, wall vanities are also customizable with any design. Be it modern, traditional, contemporary or provincial. There is a wall vanity design just for you. 

They also have various configurations you can choose from. For example, you can go for a complete unit with a countertop, sink, and a medicine cabinet or storage space without legs or go for separate pieces entirely. Although ideally, the latter would be better since you will have more options on the width and length with the items you can fit on your wall.

Wall vanities also make cleaning your bathroom easier, which you know can be a hassle.

Large-format wall tiles

Tiny mosaic tiles are so last season for bathroom walls, and people are now moving forward with large format tiles. These types of tiles can give your bathroom that vibe of luxury, especially when you pair it with natural stone or even stone-looking materials.

The few gout lines are not only visually pleasing but also make cleaning easier. Plus, you can find more design, style, texture, and color, but if you want to go for a minimalistic approach, it would be best to use horizontal or vertical stacked lines.

LED Bathroom mirrors 

If you want to have a modern vibe in your bathroom, then what you need is an LED bathroom mirror. Bathrooms can sometimes have only one light source, which can give a shadowy effect on your reflection. An LED bathroom mirror removes this problem by giving a soft glow in your surroundings, enough for you to properly see yourself in the mirror.

They can act as a nightlight as well, and since LEDs are energy-efficient, you will not be spending a lot on your electrical bills.

Space-saving soaking tubs

Ever since the pandemic hit, people’s desire for relaxation increased, so the demand for soaking tubs increased too. It has even been predicted that freestanding and flat-bottom baths will be the next big trend since they can work well with any bathroom style.

If you think your bathroom is too small for a bathtub, do not worry because manufacturers have begun making smaller tubs. People even prefer them more since they can save space and take less time to fill with water.

Quartz countertops 

Quartz is considered one of the hardest materials, which is why they are perfect for making countertops. They are resistant to stains and scratches and are very easy to maintain. Even most designers favor them than other materials when it comes to countertops. You will surely see them more in the coming years as they gain more popularity.


Although your bathroom is mostly used for hygienic or grooming purposes, it does not mean that it must be dull. On the contrary, with the right décor and vanities, your bathroom can become the most stylish part of your house. Just follow the new trends above, and you will surely impress anyone who goes in.

partnered post • cc-licensed image by Bill Wilson