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Sunday Brunch Ideas

Sunday brunch is a festive occasion. It is a time to get together with friends and family in order to celebrate the week and to restore for the week ahead. Sunday brunch is one of the best party ideas that you can plan because it is decadent and social in nature. When you plan a Sunday brunch, you need to make sure that you have a great theme and all of your guests will have fun. Here are three ideas for a Sunday brunch that your guests will love.

#3 Seasonal Theme

Pick a theme that has to do with what season it is. If you are currently in the season of spring, make your Sunday brunch theme be about spring. You can have fresh flowers and even tulips at the event. You can have drapings for the table that are pastel in color, such as pinks, pale oranges, and lime greens.

If the season that you are in is winter, plan a winter theme Sunday brunch. You can have snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and you can have blues and grays as your color theme. You may find it matches your gray kitchen cabinets. You can have warm seasonal drinks, such as hot apple cider or hot chocolate. A winter theme may include holiday themes as well.

#2 Color-Themed Foods

For your Sunday brunch, you might choose to have foods that are all of the same color schemes. For example, you can have an orange themed Sunday brunch. You can provide macaroni and cheese, deviled eggs, chicken and rice with paprika and orange bundt cake for dessert. It is okay to deviate a little bit from the exact color scheme when it comes to planning a color scheme themed Sunday brunch. Just make sure that the dishes all mostly resemble each other in color.

You can choose how far you want to take the color scheme theme. This means that if you want all of your dishes and your silverware to be orange too, you can definitely do that. However, if you choose just to have your foods themed in one color that will be completely sufficed and will provide a novelty to the experience that all of your guests will absolutely love.

Additionally, you can request that your guests come dressed in the color of the theme. If you have a pink themed Sunday brunch, request that everyone come dressed in pink. If you have a white themed Sunday brunch, request that everybody come dressed in white. Whichever color you choose as your theme, request that all of your guests come wearing at least one piece of clothing in that color for a wonderful experience that will make a great photo op for all of your guests.

#1 Organic

One of the best ideas that you can do for your Sunday brunch theme is to have an organic theme. This means that you will make all of your dishes with completely 100% organic foods. You will need to buy these foods from a special market or from the organic section of your grocery store.

This can be a costly endeavor, but your guests will certainly appreciate it. Many people have never eaten completely organic food and they will find it a wonderful experience to try organic food for the first time. You may even have a positive influence on your guests, encouraging them to buy organic food more often than they do.

You may also choose to extend the theme of organic foods into the aesthetic decor of your event. You may choose to have a nature theme and you may have table runners that have a nature-themed print on them. You may have fake grass or AstroTurf lining the flooring. You may choose to have live plants, such as live flowers or fresh flowers from bouquets.

Whichever theme you choose, you are likely to have a great experience with your Sunday brunch. You may choose to have a seasonal theme that compliments the theme of spring or winter. You may also choose to have a color theme, complete with a request from your guests that they dress in that color. You may choose to have an organic theme, making all organic foods for your guests' satisfaction. Whatever you choose, it is bound to be an event that your guests will love.

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