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Questions to Ask Before Calling a Local Plumber for Blocked Kitchen Drains


Blocked drains are a common household occurrence and one that necessitates the intervention of a qualified plumber. You can depend on a reputed drain cleaning service provider like Roto-Rooter to effectively resolve your drainage woes. 

If you throw cooking oil and food scraps down your kitchen drain, a blockage is imminent. When food debris and cooking oil clump together, they block your drains and obstruct your drainage mechanism. 

Warning Signs

Not attending to badly blocked drains can cause extensive damage to your property. Moreover, your family and pets may develop health complications from exposure to overflowing drains. 

As tree roots spread their reach underground, they can disrupt the main sewage system by breaching drainage pipes. Even a calcium build-up within your pipes causes constriction making them vulnerable to blockages. 

In the absence of gutter guards, your outdoor drains invite debris like twigs, dirt, leaves, and grit which chokes your otherwise freely flowing drainage. 

Listed below are the early warning signs to help you identify the problem and take immediate action: 

Foul Odor

A foul smell emanating from your drains similar to what you associate with sewage is an indication that you have a blockage to contend with. This usually is the first noticeable and powerful indicator of the issue at hand.

Gurgling Sounds

Each time you open your kitchen tap, if the resultant water pools and pushes against the pipe, emitting a gurgling sound, it indicates a drain blockage.

Overflowing Drain

Instead of the water flowing down your drain, an overflowing sign is when the water alarmingly spills back up. The only reason for the reverse flow is due to your drain facing a blockage. 

Slow Draining

When water circulates your drain instead of exiting for longer than expected, this situation worsens with time, suggesting the blockage is growing. 

Identifying a Qualified Service Partner 

Plumbing mishaps can happen despite your best efforts to avoid them. Calling in the experts who excel at unclogging drains like those associated with Roto-Rooter enables you to continue with your daily chores. 

Whether the cause is natural or artificial, hiring a professional to resolve it preserves your drains, property, and health. A local plumber can capably tackle your clogged kitchen drain, provided they meet the recommended criteria. 

Suggest you ask the potential service provider the following pertinent questions to gauge their expertise: 

Do You Have A Valid License?

Having a licensed plumber attend to your blocked kitchen drain ultimately protects you should something untoward happen. Authorized licenses are only issued to those who clear rigorous testing, and there is no harm in seeking relevant proof. 

You can be confident that the work of a licensed entity or individual will conform to the highest industry standards. They rule out extensive property damage or a worsening clog. Moreover, all safety protocols are adhered to without fail.

Can You Expect Round-the-Clock Service?

A major plumbing problem can arise at any odd hour and demands urgent and prompt intervention. Thorough professionals understand this urgency and operate year-round. Irrespective of the time you call on their listed number, you will not be met with a voicemail. 

It is such a relief to know a local plumber who comprehends the extent of your drainage problem and promptly takes charge. Service providers who are not reachable when in dire need must be clubbed as highly unprofessional and should compel you to look elsewhere.

What Are Your Rates, Any Free Estimates?

After inspecting the blockage, a plumber who promises to give you a transparent and free estimate inclusive of labor and material charges is worth trusting. Also, confirm if they charge an hourly fee or flat rate. A long-drawn plumbing job becomes an expensive affair for you when the vendor levies a fee per hour. 

Irrespective of how long it takes to unclog your kitchen drain, a flat fee helps you budget accordingly. A fixed upfront quotation is likely to double and triple when the plumber's fee structure is designed hourly. With a flat rate, you are more at peace as unpleasant surprises are ruled out on completing the job.

Do You Provide Guarantees?

Your kitchen sink is extensively used to wash food items, utensils, and even your hands. A clogged drain hampers essential work. Plumbers who are confident in their abilities happily provide a guarantee for the work undertaken. 

It helps to make inquiries beforehand on the potential plumber's plan of action to unclog your kitchen drain. Also, check if they willingly clean up the mess after servicing. You could opt for Wren ex display kitchens and save money.

Delegate your clogged kitchen drain to trusted hands with significant plumbing experience backing them.

partnered post • cc-licensed image by Susy Morris