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How to Find Better Replacement Windows in Greater Toronto

Whether you’re building a new home, renovating before you move in, or doing renovations to improve the value of your home before you sell, you want to know that you’re using the best materials available. Quality materials will do more to improve the value of the home, and if they’re used correctly, make the home more comfortable and durable.

Windows are one of the most important materials your home will need. These tips will help you find the best replacement windows in Toronto.

#1 Upgrade for Energy Efficiency

If you’re going to replace your windows, now is the time to invest in energy efficient building materials. Today’s windows use a variety of materials and technology to reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer, including:

  • Low-emissivity glass that blocks heat from coming in through the glass

  • Argon gas fills that prevent heat transfer through the air

  • Vinyl for reduced condensation and better noise reduction

  • Superior installation

Energy efficient windows can reduce heating and air conditioning costs year-round. Take advantage of new energy efficient technology for better results.

#2 Experience Counts

Look for experienced window manufacturers in Toronto with a history in the industry. You want to make sure that the supplier you’re working with is in a good financial position so that they don’t just disappear and leave you high and dry.

History in the industry also means they likely have a wealth of reviews online that you can check out for yourself, as well as a reputation with the builders and contractors you’re working with. You can look them up on Homestars or another review site dedicated to construction. 

#3 Installation from the Supplier

For the best results with your new windows, you want installation from the supplier. Ask if the installer is a contractor or an employee of the supplier. An employee is preferable in case anything goes wrong. Rather than dealing with a middle man, you can go straight to the supplier to sort out the issue.

It doesn’t hurt that the supplier will have better knowledge of the product, either.

#4 Find Out Where the Windows Are Made

Some suppliers purchase their windows from a third party, while others manufacture themselves. When you go with a manufacturer, you can get more information about the product you’re purchasing. Locally-made windows are also a superior choice because they build products for the local climate. It’s not just cold winters that homeowners have to deal with in the Greater Toronto Area, it’s also hot and humid summers that bring their own challenges.

#5 Get a Walk-Through on Installation

Last but not least, work with someone who can give you a walk-through on the installation process so that they understand the home and the project before showing up to do the installation. Get someone who will take the time to explain the materials and the installation process.

Better windows will make a huge difference on your new home. Make sure you find the right source when you renovate.

partnered post • image by myoceanstudio via Freepik