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Eco-Friendly Roof Ideas to Update Your Home


Have you recently decided it’s time to give your roof an update?

With the rising cost of traditional electricity sources, many homeowners are looking for alternative options to save money, with the added benefit of being more eco-friendly. These green roofing alternatives are energy-efficient and reduce the need for standard heating and cooling systems within your home.

Before updating your roof, consider available eco-friendly options, to help the environment and keep things cost-effective for you.

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Roof Ideas

When it comes to the best eco-friendly roof ideas to update your home, there are five that stand out. Each option has its benefits, providing your home with an eco-friendly roofing system that can help you save by investing in a useful alternative.

Keep in mind, the best roof ideas for your home will vary based on your location. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to eco-friendly roofs, so you need to find what will work best for your home and the environment you live in.

Solar Panels


One of the most popular ways to make your roof eco-friendly is by adding solar panels. They can easily be added to any roof, making this an ideal choice for homeowners, regardless of your home’s size.

To be effective, solar panels need sunlight. Solar roofs absorb the sun’s rays and convert their energy into usable electricity. Therefore, solar panels are not a worthwhile investment if you live in a place that doesn’t receive much sunlight. But, if your home receives an adequate amount of sunlight, then this may be the perfect option for you! Keep these things in mind before you make a commitment to this roofing option.

While solar panels aren’t nearly as expensive as they used to be, it can be several years before you see any financial kickback. However, if you are in your forever home, solar panels are a worthwhile investment. On average, solar panels cost roughly $15,000-$25,000 for total installation. This can vary, depending on your needs and the investment you’re willing to make.

For an eco-friendly roofing update, that will help you out financially in the future, solar panels might be a green alternative to look into.

Metal Roof

A metal roof is a highly durable, long-lasting option when it comes to eco-friendly roof ideas. They can stand up to severe weather and they don’t require much maintenance.

For an even more eco-friendly option, choose a metal roof in a light color, like white, to drastically cut down your current energy costs. The light shade you choose will reduce the amount of sun that hits your roof, keeping your home cool during the day.

Metal roofs can also complement a wide range of architectural designs, bringing a new style to your home.

If you live in a colder climate with this roofing option snow will slide right off your roof. While a slight snowfall won't cause any significant problems, several inches could easily cause a collection of snow surrounding your home. Keep this in mind before committing to this roofing option, especially if you are in a colder climate.

Green Roof


By adding a green roof to your home, there are several eco-friendly benefits you will see.

Due to the green insulation, it will be easier to cool your home and keep it comfortable during warmer months. This option is also beautiful, bringing the essence of natural beauty to your home. Whether you choose flowers or other plants, this will add more life to your home instantly.

Green roofs help keep rain runoff under control, and as a result, improve stormwater management. This alternative can aid in keeping any dirt or contaminants out of the water running through the sewer.

In addition, green roofs also help reduce the urban heat island effect, a situation where urban environments trap and absorb heat.

Keep in mind, green roofs do require an extra amount of structural reinforcement. The added soil and plants can cause problems if your house cannot handle the excess weight, so you will need to prepare your roof with reinforcements if you want to utilize this option.

Clay Tiles

Another eco-friendly roofing alternative is clay tile roofing, with multiple benefits that will help the homeowner in the long run.

This is a durable and lost-lasting option, with the ability to hold up for hundreds of years. Clay tiles have a longer lifespan than your typical roofing materials, making this a good option to consider when updating your roof. They are low maintenance, compared to other options, making it easier for homeowners to keep up with and maintain over time.

Another added benefit of clay tiles is that they repel insects, resist fire, and they cannot rot. This means they will hold up, regardless of the elements, making this eco-friendly option a smart choice for any homeowner to choose.

Wood Shingles 

For a more eco-friendly option, consider swapping out your existing roof for wooden shingles. While wood shingles can come from various woods, they typically include recycled cedar shakes.

Cedarwood shingles are ideal for repelling insects and they resist water better than other types of wooden roofs you will come across. These options are reasonable, but they do require a fair amount of maintenance and upkeep, so be mindful of this before you decide which option you want to stick with.

Updating Your Home with Eco-Friendly Roof Ideas


If you’ve been looking for ways to update your roof and be more eco-friendly while keeping things cost-effective, consider these green alternatives.

To save money on traditional energy costs, invest in a roofing option that will not only help our environment but help save you money in the grand scheme of things. Even if you don’t see a financial kickback right away, the investment will make it worthwhile when you start seeing bills lessen over time.

In this day and age, it is important to be environmentally sound and aware of things you can change to be more eco-friendly in your life. Simple switches, like updating your roof, can help the environment and make you more aware of the energy you’re using.

To better the planet while lowering your energy costs, start by updating your roof. Choose an eco-friendly option that will help save the Earth, while you save money to make more green choices in the future.

partnered post • images from Unsplash by Todd Kent, Vivint Solar, Chuttersnap, and Marcin Dziedzic