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Hiring a moving company makes the process of moving extremely easy. These professionals know how to pack your material possessions and safely take them to your new house. However, while there are good movers, there are also scammers waiting to take advantage of you. Moving is already a daunting process, and the last thing anyone wants is to get scammed.

While you may use the internet to find resources, you never know which one is a fraud. So, how can you find a reliable moving company for you? Suppose you do match with a reliable mover online, but they seem to cross your budget. How can you avoid that? How can you ensure that only budget-friendly movers would work best for you? It is natural to feel anxious since it is not easy to pack your entire house into a handful of boxes.

It also adds to your anxiety when you learn about the various horror stories that come with picking the wrong movers. Through this article, we will guide you on how you can find the best company for you:

  1. Ask For Referrals

When it comes to hiring professionals, you need the guidance of your friends and family. However, experience plays a significant role when you want to find a moving company that is suitable for you. Your friends can share what they liked about the company with you and what they did not like. They can guide you on how the rating system works and how you can negotiate your price. Your friends may have worked with a new company that left a lasting impression. This information can help you shortlist companies, and you can take it from there.

  1. Look For Reviews

When you have a list of companies, you should also try to look them up online. You want to ensure that they have substantial experience, which will reflect in their reviews. Pay attention to what consumers wrote. If they are happy, find out why. If they are upset, find out why. No company is free from bad reviews, but if the ratio of good reviews outweighs bad ones, you got yourself a winner. Reviews also give you a clue on other variables that you may not have known previously. For example, suppose you learn that your kitchen items should always get packed last. Another detail you may want to look into is how far the movers are from your current location. You may need to consider how much fuel it would cost them to get to you and how hard it would be to reach you on time.

  1. Their Track Record

Track records tell you how good a company is when it comes to moving. A high success rate suggests that the company managed to pack appropriately and move with minimal to no damages. It is also essential when it comes to moving. You don't want your items to get cluttered or packed haphazardly. You also don't want broken items and lose crucial possessions in the process. If you see a company with a high track record, consider them as a potential option.

  1. License and Insurance 

Never make the mistake of working with a company that has no license and insurance. In fact, this should be visible on their website and if it's not, make it a point to ask. Companies that have a license and insurance can legally protect and move your possessions. For example, suppose you need to move from one state to another. In that case, companies have a unique USDOT number which you can verify from a transport directory.

  1. Learn About Their Rates

You need a budget when it comes to moving. Always start with finding how the hourly rates and charge per mover to make a decision. Companies always start by quoting base rates, and these are the starting pricing points. If your moving process requires additional labor and workforce, they will add on to this rate. Therefore, ensure your budget has a margin in case it potentially goes overboard. If you feel the base rate is already costly and add-on may be out of your reach, switch over. If a company is vague about giving you a ballpark figure, you may move on to someone else. Some companies are also open to negotiations. While there are fixed rates, they may give you leeway with some of the facilities they provide. It would help if you found those out.

  1. Check Their Facilities

You may want to know what a moving company has in store for you. First, you may be busy while moving, so they should be able to facilitate you. Suppose you need to go to work in the morning, and you only get selective evenings to wrap up your stuff. Second, you may have a general idea of what you own. If you have a small apartment, you have fewer material possessions compared to a large house. It would help if you inquired about the size of the moving trucks a company has. You should also find out how they intend to place your electronics, such as a TV, safely with your other boxes. It will help if you also ask if a company is flexible in providing you with packing supplies beforehand to get started. Finally, make sure they can accommodate your schedule and time and don't arrive too late with your belongings.

Wrap Up

It would help if you always stayed vigilant about who you hire to help move your things. There are numerous moving companies to choose from found over the internet. However, their track record, license, and satisfaction rate make them stand out. While you're doing your research, consult friends and family to get a general idea. You should also leverage your search by checking them online and confirming any questions you have. Finally, make sure the moving company is accommodating and flexible. It would be best if you didn't have to put your schedule on hold for them, and they should always make the moving process easy for you.

partnered post • image by Coffee Bean from Pixabay