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Repair and Maintenance


In the domain of management, repair and maintenance are the two most frequently used terms. They are actually two different concepts that are oftentimes used together. However the main goal of both is the efficient performance of our daily life tools or equipment. Repair and maintenance are how you can keep your assets running in optimal conditions for a long time.

The Difference Between Repair and Maintenance

Though both the terms have a similar end goal yet they do have different meaning and procedures.

What is Repair?

Repair is the action that is performed in order to deal with the failure of a certain asset. Equipment may malfunction for various reasons and depending upon the malfunction the asset may be repairable or non reparable. Many times contractors of the assets also offer repair services too. They may determine whether your asset is repairable or not after deducing if the failure is a partial failure or a complete failure. A complete failure may render the asset useless until it is repaired.

Equipment breakdown may not always be reparable and sometimes it may be better to let go and buy a new one rather than wasting a lot of money on repairs. While it may be expensive to buy new equipment, irreparable equipment can sometimes drain even more money than a new one. However it is very much possible for your equipment to stay for a longer run without any breakdowns and this can only be achieved through maintenance.

What is Maintenance?

Maintenance is the measures that are taken in order to ensure that your assets are running smoothly and can prevent the emergence of damages that may cause a breakdown later. Maintenance is often used for all sets of activities that are carried out in order to ensure that an asset is in its optimal conditions and sometimes in order to install new features. Maintenance of utilities like air conditioning systems of your houses tend to ensure that the equipment is still in its best condition and may not need any preventative work or re-instalments. Maintenance may involve visual or functional checkups. Installing new assets within a facility may also be referred to as maintenance. Moreover, approaching repair services may also be a form of maintenance. 

The easiest way to remember the difference between repair work and maintenance work is that repairs happen after failures while maintenance is done in order to prevent failures. 

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Long-Term Benefits of Maintenance 

In the longer term maintenance can prevent your equipment or assets from frequent malfunctions. This is not only effective in making your product last longer but also cost effective as it can save you from spending a lot of money that is required in buying new products. Maintenance also helps devices work more smoothly. This doesn’t apply to just your electronic equipment or your house equipment but also your automobiles. Your cars too require proper maintenance in order for them to avoid frequent shutdowns or care breakdowns. For vehicle maintenance and repairs you can go ahead and trust driveline repair services bellevue wa. Remember, maintenance is better than approaching repair services later.


Maintenance and repairs are mandatory for most physical assets. Proper maintenance of equipment maximizes their useful life and avoids the need for repairs. Maintenance can lower the chances of malfunctions, though this doesn’t mean that damages can be completely maintained. Sooner or later everything you own may need repairs. However, that time may not necessarily come by in the very near future if your assets are maintained properly. 

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