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How to Choose A Professional Carpet Removal Service

Let’s be honest: carpet removal DIY is not the greatest task in the world. It’s messy and sweat-breaking as well as time-consuming. Are there any free takers? Yes, there are, though not completely free. At least your time will be freed up if you let the pros take care of your removal. But how do you choose a professional carpet removal service like Wonder no longer and check out our advice!

Check Which Carpet Removal Services Are in Your Area

The first step in choosing a professional service is to check which are in your area. Even if you wanted to choose one from further away, you’ll likely pay more. Removal services like any other service charge a fee for longer distances to your place. If you want to avoid higher costs, stick to those in your area. This might also help you in finding reviews as well as receiving personalized recommendations.


Listen To Reviews And Recommendations

None of us regularly would take advantage of professional removal. It’s a service we only need every decade or so. Within that timeframe, a lot of services pop up and disappear. If you were happy with a particular service years ago, it might not be there anymore. You can certainly contact any carpet removal service. However, you don’t know how well their services are until you had them in your home. Ask your friends if they could recommend a service to you. Maybe they’d even know one personally.

Should that not be the case, try to find customer reviews about each removal service. Those usually state if the carpet guy were punctual, cheap, or expensive and, above all, if they did a splendid job. Be very careful about customer reviews that are directly mentioned on the web page of service.

Unfortunately, a lot of companies publish fake reviews to attract more customers. Moreover, some companies pay people to write fake reviews on Google, for example. As such, those may not be very reliable. You might have better luck with actual customer reviews on independent review portals. Make a list of companies that have the most positive reviews.


Don’t go for Carpet Removal Services on Craigslist

You can certainly find all sorts of affordable services on advertising pages like Craigslist or even on Facebook Marketplace. They might just be start-ups with a bunch of guys who try to start an honest business. But they can also be offered by people who have no idea what they’re doing. You can be lucky to find someone on such pages who actually does have the know-how.

There is no way to tell, though, and they’re usually aren’t reviews of their services either. Moreover, they usually have no license and no insurance. In the event of anything going south during the removal, no one could cover any damages. It’d be all on you. And that can turn out to be very expensive. Because then you’d have to get the professionals in after all to repair damages. Neither would the workers be covered if they were hurt during carpet removal. Usually, it can hardly result in injuries, however, stranger things have happened.

Make Inquiries

Inquiries do have two advantages. Firstly, you find out how responsive a carpet removal service is. Secondly, you need to collect estimates.

Depending on how soon a service gets back to you, you can already guess their work ethics. At best, you give them a call and don’t try to just drop an email. You may not want to use a live chat to make an inquiry either, since those can be run by AI. That means you’d not talk to an actual person. Of course, you can also turn up at their premises personally. The first thing to observe is how long they’re letting you wait - either on the phone or during a personal visit. If they don’t reply to you soon, it could mean they’re very busy. But it could also be a sign that they don’t really care.

Moreover, it could signal they might not turn up in time for the job. The second thing to note is their politeness. The friendlier a carpet removal service is, the better. You certainly don’t want a grumpy team of carpet guys in your place.

Once you have a bunch of estimates in your hand, you can choose the best service according to their fees. No one wants to pay more for a service when another can do the same job for less.

Pay attention to the small print and make sure the estimate includes all fees, such as disposal fees and labor. Carpet removal services may look cheap with a low quote but don’t state additional fees for the job. You could run into hidden fees and ultimately pay more than the estimate projected. 


A Note About Fees

Fees for such services are based on several factors that you cannot influence.

For example, carpet removal will always be more expensive in an area with a higher living standard. Likewise, the fees will be lower in an area with a lower standard of living. Of course, there are variations from one service to another. That’s why it’s well worth your time to make inquiries and collect estimates.

Removal is always cheaper during the fall and winter seasons. Most people tend to renovate their homes as part of their spring clean. Consequently, such services are fully booked and tend to be more expensive during peak season. Since they have fewer customers in cold seasons, they are happy about each contract they can get. Thus, they offer more favorable prices.

At last, removal fees depend not only on the size of the room where your old carpet is located. They’re also based on the shape of the room. The trickier it is built with lots of corners, the more work will have to be done than with a typical rectangular room.

Parting Words On Choosing The Best Carpet Removal Services

There you have it, those are the main point to take into consideration before hiring a removal company. And now, it’s research time. Take as long as you need, and make sure to not fall into any scams. Renovating your home is a great thing, and don’t let the wrong company taint your experience. So, go on and make your living room as beautiful as it can be! 

partnered post • photos by Lina Kivaka, Madison Inouye, and Vlada Karpovich from Pexels