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Common Methods Used For Erosion Control

Soil erosion has a significant environmental impact on the surrounding area. Heavy equipment and constant movement on the construction site force the earth around. Which, in turn, makes the land more vulnerable to wind, water, and other movement. Sediment may also wash into nearby bodies of water that could become contaminated. Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent soil erosion in a variety of conditions.

Construction companies are required by law to take steps to prevent soil erosion on the job site. Its critical contractors understand the right erosion prevention techniques for each particular construction site. A contractor may choose to use access mats, which are mats that are used on the wet ground which acts as a work platform. In another instance, the contractor may choose to install stabilized earth walls, which retain soil on steep slopes to provide reinforcement. A contractor may also use French drains for carrying water away from a construction site. This is done through underground piping transporting water away from soil that may get washed away.

If you are interested in learning more, the accompanying resource below provides more popular methods for preventing soil erosion on a construction site.

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