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4 Things to Know About Moving to Naperville

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Naperville is a vibrant city in Illinois known to be a great place to live. With its family-friendly communities and modern city features, there is so much to anticipate upon moving to this western suburb. Beyond the thriving city’s modern structures and amenities, Naperville is also rich in culture and history worth discovering. Here are the top four things to know before moving to Naperville.

  1. Naperville Has a Rich History

Naperville is the oldest city in DuPage county. It started as a Naper settlement back in 1831, founded by Joseph Naper, a pioneer and shipbuilder. Settlers who came shortly after would come to establish what we know today as Chicago.

Naperville became home to families like Napers, Scotts, Hobsons, and Paines. Soon, Pennsylvanians, Germans, English, and Scots came and settled in the town, contributing to the city’s diverse culture.

Until the early 1800s, Naperville was disconnected from most towns and cities, and people relied on railroad stations in neighboring towns. But in 1851, the Southwestern Plank Road was built, which connected Naperville to Chicago and Oswego. This highly contributed to Naperville’s growth and economy.

Naperville became a city in 1890, and residents gained access to water, sewers, electricity, and telephones. Today, it is known for its small-town charm, good school districts, and storied history. With its fascinating sense of community and its exhibition of growth, Naperville has continuously enticed businesses and residents to come to the city and stay.

The city’s history can be relieved through significant structures that you can still visit. Some of the more remarkable ones are the First Congregational Church, the Central Park, which was the former site of the county courthouse, and the Paw Paw station, which was a post office and the first public building in Naperville.

  1. You May Encounter Some Pests

With its beauty and history, Naperville is a considerably old city. Despite the modern city structures and buildings, you may still encounter traditional house problems, like pests. Before moving, you should prepare your furniture by cleaning it before packing up. Afterward, prepare your new home in Naperville by inspecting the property and cleaning it up if necessary.

The most common pests in Naperville are rodents, ants, and spiders. The best way to keep them out of your home is to clean regularly. Pests will likely live in stagnate and undisturbed places, especially the dark corners of your home, so pay close attention to these spaces.

Try not to leave food or crumbs around the house as this is an easy way to invite in ants and rats. Check all the items, like grocery bags and packages, before you bring them inside. Spiders and ants may be lurking inside them, and you might accidentally bring those pests inside your home without even knowing.

Additionally, patch up any holes in the foundation or around window and door frames. Hopefully, there won’t be pest issues in your Naperville home, but just in case, familiarize yourself with Naperville pest control services available.

  1. Naperville is a Tornado Risk Zone

Tornadoes are powerful storms characterized by strong rotating winds moving at a speed that can reach up to 300 miles per hour, which can be very destructive. Like other parts of Illinois, Naperville is a moderate tornado threat area.

Upon moving, it is best to prepare for such extreme weather conditions. There is a high probability of having tornadoes in Illinois between March and May, but they can occur any time of year.

It is important to have a survival kit at home. You can assemble one by putting essential items in a safe container in a dry space. Be sure to include flashlights and batteries, a first-aid kit, medicine, water, food, a portable FM/AM radio, can opener, safety shoes, important secured documents, and cash in small denominations.

Additionally, make a plan for you and your family on where to meet in case of an emergency. Make yourself aware of Naperville’s local emergency information services. Also, consider home insurance, natural disaster insurance, and other things you may not have had to consider in the past.

  1. Chicago is Right Next Door

About 28 miles east of Naperville is Chicago, which is not Illinois’s capital but is definitely its most famous city. It is home to a rich historic and diverse culture as well as vibrant nightlife happenings.

If you crave something new, there are plenty of things in Chicago that you can do. You can visit museums like the Field Museum and Adler Planetarium, check out historic locations like Navy Pier, or visit the Magnificent Mile or The Art Institute of Chicago.

There is also the Chicago Architecture River Cruise if you want to immerse yourself in an interactive educational tour and learn about Chicago’s towering skyscrapers. If you get motion sickness, the 360 Chicago observation deck or Skydeck Chicago might be a better choice.

Explore and Enjoy Naperville

Naperville is a beautiful, friendly city with a small-town charm that will make you feel warm and welcomed. It boasts commercial and economic growth and is enriched with valuable history and culture. It is definitely a great place to raise a family, so enjoy it and discover its richness once you move to Naperville. 

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