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How to Use Your AC and Save Electricity During Summer


Summer is the best time for fun activities such as outdoor games, pool parties, backyard cookout, road trips, and more. However, too much exposure to the sun is dangerous, as our climate has drastically changed over the decades. These days, an increasing number of people prefer to stay indoors to keep themselves protected from the scorching heat of the sun. 

With the intense heat, homeowners are now using their air conditioners for longer periods than usual, which leads to these units expending more energy to regulate the temperature. If you’re seeing a surge in your electric bill, here are some ideas for how to save electricity during summer.

Get a Smart Thermostat

One of the best upgrades that you can get for your air conditioner system is a smart thermostat. It helps reduce the energy costs from the heating and cooling process during the dry season. A smart thermostat can regulate your home’s temperature and it allows you to adjust the settings with the use of your mobile device.

Using a smart thermostat will let you switch the AC on or off automatically. It also keeps your house with a steady temperature throughout the day, which can also help you save energy by avoiding power surges from abrupt adjustments in temperature.

Install a Ceiling Fan

Installing a ceiling fan inside your home is a great alternative to using your AC. It has the ability to reduce the temperature up to 10 degrees, provided that there are enough openings to achieve better circulation.

When you use your ceiling fan together with your AC, it can reduce the thermostat setting to plus four degrees Celsius, making it more efficient and providing the same comfort. However, you need to switch off your fan if not in use. This helps with regards to global energy conservation initiatives.

Door and Window Tightness

If you want your AC unit to function properly, you need to check that the openings of your house have the proper insulation and sealants. The insulation works to prevent heat from penetrating your house, while the sealants will make sure that no cold air will escape.

Attach Window Shades

To be able to achieve the output of your AC, make sure that your windows have shades to prevent the sun’s heat from going inside your house. Direct sunlight can increase the temperature in your house, which makes your AC system work harder and makes you pay extra.

Perform Maintenance Works

You need to perform routine maintenance such as cleaning and replacing filters every month to help your AC unit achieve optimum performance. The importance of clean air ducts for your AC unit is also vital to know in order to prolong its lifespan. A healthy system will provide you comfort and energy savings at the same time.

Prevent Heat Buildup

The summer heat will make you feel uncomfortable inside your house due to the increased temperature. While it’s the best season for outdoor activities, it would be better to avoid exposing yourself to the sun’s harmful rays as much as you can. There are also other factors that contribute to the heat inside your house, such as using the clothes dryer, cooking on your stove or oven, and using your dishwasher.

To prevent your AC from working harder, try decreasing the use of other appliances that generate heat. You may want to consider grilling your food or using the microwave. You may also do the dishes by hand and let them dry on a rack. Hang your washed clothes on a clothesline instead of using the clothes dryer. These simple changes will help you manage your energy consumption.

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