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The housing market is always brimming with options for all kinds of buyers. Any good house rarely stays in the market for long, but the real deal is when the house sells for more than its original value. Many factors affect the resale value of your house, such as home appreciation, inflation, demand for property, and so on. However, these factors are uncontrollable and may negatively or positively impact your property’s value. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to boost your home’s resale value without breaking the bank. If you want to inch up that sale price, take a look at the following simple tips to make your house worth top dollar.

1. Work on the appearance

Undeniably, you want potential buyers to get hooked to your house right away. According to experts, essential upgrades to your house’s exterior and sprucing up the curb appeal can improve your house’s resale value by 7% to 14%. So, start by giving your house’s exterior a paint job in neutral tones. Similarly, if you have a wooden door, paint it with bold colors such as forest green or buttery yellow for an aesthetic appeal. According to many real estate agents, curb appeal ranks as the number one way to increase a home’s resale value. Therefore, meticulously clean the outside of the house, mow the lawn, plant fresh flowers, and so forth.

2. Focus on your home’s efficiency: 

Who wouldn’t love a smart thermostat or LED lights around the house? Fortunately, you can get the LED Recessed Lighting Retrofit in your humble abode through professionals. You’ll be surprised to know that more than 70% of real estate professionals say that making your home energy-efficient adds significantly to your house’s sale value. Take a look at the following home efficiency improvement features which homebuyers value the most:  

  • Energy-efficient lighting such as Retrofit LED lights 
  • Adequate HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems 
  • A smart thermostat for managing energy costs 
  • Adding doors, windows, and siding installations
  • Solar panels for the entire house

Making your home energy efficient may cause you to spend a few thousand bucks. However, upgrading your house can boost your home’s value by thousands of dollars.

3. Add usable space

Focusing on this tip can boost your house’s resale value if you sell in areas with finite space and land. Since homebuyers prefer as many livable square feet as possible, it’s evident that adding extra usable space or storage makes sense. Buyers also prefer when every inch of space outside can be used for storing equipment like mowers or gardening tools. 

Therefore, knock out some walls and throw in an extra room wherever sufficient space is available. People can even use this extra room as their home office, storage room, or an accessible laundry room. Don’t forget to make the outside space count as well by adding a gazebo or a deck. People love a comfy outdoor space where they can spend time or have weekend hangouts. However, you should know that you won’t always earn back all the money you invest in this kind of home renovations. Nonetheless, it still adds handsomely to the overall value of your house.

4. Deep clean and declutter

It is entirely understandable if you think, how would cleaning add to your house’s resale value? But statistics say otherwise. According to a 2019 Home Light report, you can add more than $4000 to your house’s resale value by decluttering and deep cleaning it. Isn’t it obvious? No one prefers to purchase real estate having mounds of dirt, mold, and pests crawling everywhere. According to a NARs (National Association of Realtors) study in 2017, 89% recommend deep cleaning houses before listing, and 93% recommend decluttering. 

To ensure buyers see most of the house and don’t hesitate from paying a little extra, declutter and throw away any unnecessary item. Remove items that make the interior look congested and pay extra attention to cleaning out the storage spaces. Scrub away the mold, especially in the bathrooms, add some shine, improve indoor air quality, and organize. Even though decluttering and cleaning are inexpensive ways to add to your house’s value, you can always hire a cleaning service for top-notch results.

5. Make your home smart

The largest group of buyers in 2020 are millennials, who represent 38% of all homebuyers. Therefore, you have to appeal to the demographics and add features in your house that they feel best adds convenience to their lives. Making your house innovative by adding advanced systems is one way to do it. Home gadgets appeal to tech geeks and a large number of people who love the convenience they offer. Therefore, hit the electronic store and grab a few things like smart fire detectors, thermostats, advanced lighting systems, door locks, smart cameras, etc. These upgrades can tremendously enhance your house’s value.


You don’t need to wait for the market to shift or the inflation to decrease to get a lucrative resale value of your house. With some simple and budget-friendly ways, you can easily appeal to the right buyers. For starters, you can work on your house’s curb appeal, add sufficient space where possible, work on the outdoors and exterior, and fix in advanced systems. Similarly, upgrade appliances, and finish it off with energy-efficient technology. Within no time, potential buyers will be flocking near your property.

partnered post • cc-licensed image from tkoch on pixabay