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3 Most Popular Home Designs Today and Their Features


With more than enough home designs today, homeowners have trouble settling on a plan for their homes. It is essential to understand the main home designs and their features before deciding on the best plan for your space and style.

With the industry flooded with many choices, knowledge of what each design entails is crucial. It helps to write the features you want and compare them to known house designs to pick a name for your design. Let’s look at some of the home designs making headlines today.

Farmhouse Home Design

The most prominent feature about farmhouse home designs is ample space both indoors and outdoors. Unlike other plans, this one eludes a homely feel for families yearning for a suburban lifestyle. Anyone going for a farmhouse home plan wants some or all of the following features:

  • Woodsy decorative details
  • A few stories
  • Extended porches
  • Ample space
  • Open-plan kitchen
  • Fireplace
  • Wide footprint

Other home details depend on your specific taste and preference. The features are pretty flexible in modern farmhouse home plans, with constant features being the space and porches. You can incorporate other features like sliding barn door hardware into the design to make it personal and in line with what you had envisioned for your home.

Modern farmhouse plans today also have large windows, sleek lines, wrap-around porches, gables for additional light, and flexible layouts. Most people going for farmhouse home designs want a peaceful and spacious environment to live with loved ones. A beautiful landscape is often the best part of living in a farmhouse.

Cottage Home Design

Cottages are often referred to as tiny, cozy houses in semi-urban or rural areas. For that reason, most people will build cottage homes as holiday homes and not their leading houses. However, modern architecture has allowed people to live in any place they want.

If you want to live every day of your life in a picturesque house, the cottage home design is your go-to house plan. The small space allows you to experience a warm and neat environment in the home. Some of the defining features for this home plan are:

  • Magnificent views
  • Outdoor living space
  • Stone, wood, or brick construction
  • Overhanging roofs
  • Irregular layout
  • Small footprint
  • Smaller, cozy interiors
  • Arched doorways
  • Wide front porches

The cottage home plan is economical and has a somewhat traditional style focusing on breathtaking views.

Craftsman Home Design

Craftsman home designs are popular for individualism. The idea behind the homes is that the homeowners build the houses to their liking, and, therefore, no one home should look like the other.

However, in modern-day architecture, architects have adopted and documented these designs with a few similar features, as seen below. The modern home designs also include very appealing front yards to complement the houses.

  • Bungalow
  • Overhanging eaves
  • Pillars at the entrance
  • Single protruding dormers
  • Windows with separate panes of glass on top and at the bottom
  • Gable style, low-pitched roofs
  • Exposed rafters
  • Built-in storage
  • Natural construction materials
  • Conspicuous fireplaces
  • Window seats and nooks

Fireplaces are the focal points of the living room in the craftsman bungalows. Other interior decorations in a classic craftsman home are bookcases next to the fireplace. Today, we find the bookcases have been replaced with artsy items or other pieces of décor to improve the aesthetic value of the living room.

Home plans often depend on the homeowners’ taste. Whether you are building a home with a loan from the housing authority or without it, choose a design that works best for you. The craftsman home design is embraced more by ordinary people who want a house representing every design aspect they want without attracting too much attention. In short, it is a simple design with more focus on functionality than appeal.

The farmhouse design is ideal for families that want to settle in the rural area with enough space for outdoor activities and lots of room inside the house. The beautiful landscape on the property is the selling point for such homes.

Last but not least, the cottage home design is perfect for vacation homes with splendid views and cozy interiors. The beauty of a picturesque home is to have it as a getaway home and not a regular place to stay. Most people build cottages like guest houses or vacation homes.

partnered post • cc-licensed image by Miranda