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Most Popular Reasons To Install Safety & Security Screens


A safety screen is designed to fit in your window space. It is made of a fine mesh that allows the air into your home and doesn’t significantly interrupt your view of the world around you. But, the safety screen does block bugs and other pests from entering. These screens can also be used on doors and are often referred to as flyscreen doors or windows.

Security screens take this a step further. They still keep the bugs out of your house. But, instead of being made of mesh, these screens are made with metal and locked into position. This makes them a good deterrent for people trying to break into your home. The average security screen won’t break even if you use a hammer or screwdriver on it.

In short, a safety and security screen will keep your home safer. But, you should also be aware of the following benefits, they are all reasons to install security screens today.

Fire Prevention

Many modern screens are made to withstand the heat of a fire, even bush fires. This means that they will keep the temperature inside your home cooler for longer. The screens will not guarantee that the fire doesn’t burn your house down. But, they will buy you valuable time to get out safely. 

If you live in a bushfire area you need to check your screens are approved for bush fires.

Exit Point

If you have an emergency and need to get out of your home fast you usually head for the door. But, if the door is blocked by a fire or some other issue, then you need to find a window you can get out of. If your house has security bars then you may be out of luck. But, if you have security screens they can be quickly removed and allow you to escape the property.

In fact, in most cases, they have a simple opening mechanism that can be done by any adult. 

Wind Damage

If you have ever sat through a tornado, cyclone, or other storms then you will understand how devastating the wind can be. It will pick things up and throw them at your house. While a window may break, a security screen should be strong enough to withstand that impact, keeping you safe. 

Prevent Falls

Having the windows open in your home is a great way to get air in and still appreciate the view. However, when you have upstairs windows this does increase the risk of children accidentally falling out the window, or intentionally climbing out.

Security screens with child-proof locks prevent your child from being able to climb or fall out of the window, slipping on the roof, and falling, potentially seriously hurting themselves.

Of course, the assumption is that you are using security screens and not just flyscreens which are unlikely to prevent a child from falling out. This is one of those things that most people think will never happen until it does.  

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