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Can You Live in Auckland, New Zealand’s Most Liveable City


When we think of New Zealand, Auckland comes to mind and there’s a reason for this and why it has become New Zealand’s most populous city. Auckland accounts for 33.4% of the country’s population with a staggering 1.508 million people calling it home. Known as the ‘City of Sails’ due to the number of yachts sailing between Waitemata and Manukau harbours, Auckland is a large metropolitan city in the North Island and consists of a multi-cultural hub of food, arts, music and culture. Auckland consistently remains a strong performer on the most liveable city list; amongst city living it offers a breath taking mix of natural wonders and urban adventures, Auckland movers should be on your shortlist if considering moving to New Zealand.

Some of what Auckland has to offer includes:

More Sunshine

Auckland receives 2100 hours of sunshine a year and that is equivalent to 87 sunny days, in fact most cities in New Zealand receive over 2000 hours of sunshine a year. With more sunshine, there is more time to play after work where a typical summers evening can observe daylight that can last up to 9.40pm. It’s no surprise to see people out and about exercising, socializing or exploring the city and that’s got to be a winner.

Great Economy

New Zealand’s job market has always been relatively stable, construction and the building sector being the backbone of the economy hasn’t been affected by the recent COVID-19 lockdowns. Seeing the country has handled the pandemic successfully, the economy is set to make a quick recovery. Sectors such as manufacturing, information technology and health in Auckland have seen the lowest unemployment levels for several years. Expats looking to relocate to Auckland can expect excellent opportunities as a skilled worker, these possibilities makes Auckland a great choice to settle.

Top Class Education

When moving to a city the consideration of quality education remains a top agenda. Auckland has consistently aimed for a high standard of education with schools and universities among the top rated in the world. New Zealand’s education system offers both fully and partially funded state schools along with private schools and is compulsory for school children aged between 5 and 18 year old. The teacher to student ratio is relatively low and is one teacher to every 24 students, smaller class sizes aids in improved education and gives plenty of opportunities for student-teacher interaction.

Multicultural Diversity

The city of Auckland is a multicultural hub and consists of people from all backgrounds and religions. The community encourages and promotes inclusiveness, awareness and diversity. This is what makes not only Auckland but New Zealand an excellent destination to settle. It is this diversity that allows people to share and learn the diverse food culture and cuisine. There is no shortage of options when dining out, Auckland is filled with a wide variety of restaurants that are affordable and offer delicious delicacies from all parts of the globe.

Picture Perfect Landscape

Auckland’s diverse landscapes offer wonderful opportunities to take in what nature has to offer. Rolling hills that don’t seem to end, lush native rainforest that joins the sea, golden sand beaches and wine country to escape to. Auckland surroundings are scattered with 48 volcanic cones that provides panoramic views of the city and a short ferry ride to Rangitoto Island is a popular destination to visit the region’s most well-known volcano.

Whether you are an expat or already a New Zealander considering your next relocation, moving to Auckland can be a wonderful choice to immerse yourself in what the city has to offer. There is a reason why Auckland is consistently listed in the top liveable cites list.

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Why Hiring Professional Furniture Removalists is a Good Idea


When you are faced with the mammoth task of moving and you are contemplating on whether or not to do it yourself or simply call on the assistance of professional movers to lend a helping hand, you need to consider if the benefits outweigh the risks entailed. Managing a house move or interstate relocation is not the easiest task at the best of times; it can quickly lead to increased stress levels caused by tight time constraints, commitments, damaged property or huge financial burdens. 

You may have collected many pieces of furniture and items over the years and brought them into your home, they may be heavy and expensive, some might be fragile or difficult to replace. You recall in memory how difficult each piece of furniture was to manoeuvre into position when you first introduced it into your home and now wondering how you will transport it to your new place. Furniture is not really made to be moved around, it usually sits in the same space in your house and provides a creature comfort, so if not properly packed with the correct packing materials to protect it during transit, it would be highly likely that you end up with pieces of broken furniture at your new home. To prevent this from happening it may be worthwhile comparing moving companies like professional removalists Melbourne to help with your relocation requirements. Here are some reasons why hiring a professional should be your first choice.

Experience with moving

When you hire a reputable company, they should have a solid process in place as this is what they do day in day out. You can be sure that they will move your valuables and furniture to our new home without damage. Furniture is heavy and come in all shapes and sizes; for instance fridges, washing machines, TV’s, sofas, wardrobes, beds, pianos and pool tables are bulky and awkward to handle without the right technique and tools. The right removalists will be trained to safely handle each piece with care in addition without causing injury. 

Efficiency with packing

Using the right amount of packing material without wastage, movers can efficiently pack fragile items with ease. Quality material consisting of bubble wrap, moving boxes, moving blankets, strong adhesive tape, protection covers can all be easily provided by the furniture removals company, together with packing techniques, it makes for a highly effective moving process.

Assume responsibility

By choosing to go with your selected relocation business, they are taking full responsibility of the damage caused to your belongings whilst under their control. A moving company would be more cautious and selective on the routes used to get the furniture from one place to the next. By taking into account low traffic routes, roads where there are low bridge clearance and unsealed roads, it helps to guarantee the safety of your furniture.

Insurance cover

Moving companies have insurance policies in place to protect your furniture in the event of unforeseen circumstances. If the truck had an accident and rolled, caught fire or was stolen during transit, all your furniture will be covered and this gives you piece of mind and an added layer of protection. If you were to do this move yourself, you would be missing out on this unless you pay high costs to a third party insurance agency.

Take the stress away

It is indeed a stressful time when you move and this stress can be exacerbated if you do it yourself. Many potential problems can come up whilst moving home, by having a professional to take on these challenges you can concentrate more on other aspects without stressing over how you will get everything to your new home. The task of moving is not easy, but luckily there are capable businesses available at your disposal, it may cost a bit more but some things are worth paying for.

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