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3 Things Parents Are Looking for in a University for Their Kids


It goes without saying that parents want their kids to get a top-quality education from their university of choice. Since the parents are footing at least some of the bill, if not all of it, they have a great deal of input into where their kids will spend their university years. 

It also should go without saying that in the vast majority of situations, money is most definitely an object. People are not made of money and university pricing seems to only go up. Everyday, going to university is becoming even more of a luxury. One of the ways that the rich get richer is that they provide higher educational opportunities to people who are already wealthy. It is harder than ever to break into that exclusive club. 

Parents also want to know that their kids will be safe. In many cases, those kids are leaving the comfort and safety of home for the first time in their lives. A campus with a reputation for bad things happening to students is not going to get the seal of approval from parents. Here are a few other things parents are looking for in a university:

Parcel Service

For the first year or so, parents will be sending things to their kids on campus. They want to be sure that the campus survival gear they send will be getting through. That is why they will be looking for campuses that have modern university lockers for parcel delivery. One of the biggest pain points in the modern age where almost everything comes in a box from a delivery person is when and where the handoff will take place. This is a hard problem for home delivery, and a harder problem for university delivery. 

Students are seldom in their rooms. And there is often no front desk to leave packages. If there is a common place, it is usually not supervised. This situation is the recipe for packages walking off with people for whom they weren’t intended. Students will be receiving computers and headphones and those homemade chocolate brownies they love so much. You don’t want anything happening to those brownies. The smart lockers solve this problem for parents, students, and the university. It is a win-win-win for all parties concerned. Parents need to know that their kids and the packages sent to their kids will be safe and sound.


We are long past the stage when recycling is just a bumper sticker. It is not a mantra or a battle cry. It is just the way things have to be. If your campus does not offer the most basic necessity of a zero-waste lifestyle, it is automatically disqualified for many students. There is no room for negotiation on this point. When parents visit the campus for the first time with their kids, they will not reward you if they see no recycle bins in equal numbers as garbage cans. By the time teens enter college, they have already been taught environmental values. It is not a matter of being politically liberal or conservative. It is a matter of being a responsible human being. Your campus will not get the seal of approval if it is seen as a hotbed of environmental irresponsibility.

Job Placement

All MBAs are good. But not all are equal. MBAs from the top business schools pay off more than others. That said, not all students will be going for an MBA. Parents are usually supportive of their child’s career choice so long as there is a clear path forward to a reasonable career. What the university needs to be able to show is that they have a history of success when it comes to placing graduates in good jobs after they graduate. Some careers such as computer science often see students placed in high-level jobs before they graduate. Talent is always in high demand. One of the best things a university can show a parent is a successful history of placing graduates in careers.

Universities must appeal to parents as well as students. To get the nod from both, they need to provide reliable package handling, eco-friendly solutions, and a path forward after graduation.

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