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In this article, you will read about ten essential qualities that every plumber should have. When you invite a plumber to your house, you might want to choose the best specialist. But how to make sure that they are a real professional whom you can trust? You will find the check-list of the things we at 5 Star plumbing consider must-haves for every pro plumber.

1. Practice

The majority of plumbing tasks are rather hard to do. That is why a major experience is needed. To fix the leakage, flood results, or cracks in pipes, a specialist should know exactly what and when to do. Usually, such situations should be resolved immediately, and there is no time for thinking. All actions should be trained and become automatic. That is one of the things that makes a plumber professional;

2. Certification

However, it is not possible to find out how experienced a plumber is when calling him for the first time. But one thing which you can always demand is certification. Licensing is a document that verifies the knowledge and experience of a plumber. It is absolutely normal to ask a specialist to provide this kind of proof. What is more important, only plumbers who have a valid certification provides a warranty in case something will be damaged during their work;

3. Positive Reviews

When searching for a plumber on some websites, do not forget to have a look at the reviews section. If a specialist has a lot of comments and his rating is high, it means that they are reliable. It is not essential for all reviews to be positive. At least you will know what exactly has gone wrong and make a decision whether this situation disturbs you or not;

4. Willingness to Communicate and Politeness 

The communication with a plumber should be smooth and easy. A good specialist will make everything possible to answer all your questions in a polite way and will not use many confusing notions. It is a bad sign if a plumber seems rude while chatting or making a phone call. Pay attention to the fact that it should be easy for you to understand what they are talking about and what the reason for the problem is. Otherwise, it will be impossible for you to control the situation;

5. Full Equipment

A good plumber usually has everything he might need when coming to the client's house. It can be challenging to understand which instruments exactly will be needed, but an experienced specialist can guess by a short description in a text message or a phone call. Such a plumber will not make you wait for him to borrow some additional instruments that they have forgotten to take with them—in contrast, having solved a wide range of problems, a specialist should know what to take with you. 

6. Constantly Available Services 

Nowadays, some companies are ready to help you with an emergency problem 24 hours a day. It may be difficult to find a self-employed specialist who is ready to fix the leakage at two AM, but it is possible if you call a company that provides plumbing services. Anyway, this option is an advantage of a modern services sector;

7. Good Physical Condition

In addition, a plumber should keep fit. In some cases, it is crucial to be in your best physical condition to work under sinks or on the roof. Sometimes a plumber can be injured if they are not prepared enough; 

8. Competency

A well-informed plumber is the one who can reveal a reason for the problem easily. There are various situations, but a competent and experienced specialist always has ideas of what may be wrong. You can understand how knowledgeable a plumber is by asking for his certification and judging by the working process. If a simple task takes too long to be solved, it might be a sign that a plumber is not sure about his own actions. 

9.  Trustworthy Specialist

If you have picked up a professional plumber, you can rely on them. It means that they will be responsible not only for doing a great job but also for finishing it on time and in one day. On the contrary, it may be irritating if a plumber comes to your house not completely prepared for fixing a problem and does not have all the necessary instruments with them. In this case, repair work can be extended to the next few days, which is not the best news for every homeowner. 

10. Ability to Make Decisions Quickly

It is undeniable that some problems concerning plumbing systems must be solved immediately. Therefore, a professional plumber should be able to make a decision quickly. Usually, they are used to acting quickly. They are not just physically prepared to work in tight spaces and take an uncomfortable pose but also have good coordination and know how to make a conceived solution real.

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