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Most people are busy – they have work to get to, families to look after, and hundreds of other commitments to deal with. It can be hard to find time to do everything, especially the less important things, such as looking after plants.

It should be noted that plants are a worthwhile addition to any home. They are very effective at purifying the air and can make you feel more positive about life in general. Having them in your home is a good thing, but you need to choose your plant wisely. That means using a high-quality supplier like Foli8. They won’t just help you to choose the right plants, they can guide you through looking after the plants and how easy some are. 

Of course, it can help to know what you’re looking for. The following houseplants are great for your home if you’re busy and don’t have much time to look after them.


Cacti are succulents. This means they are very good at retaining moisture in their leaves. They rarely need to be watered and they enjoy the bright sunshine. This means you can position them in a window or even outdoors on a balcony and leave them to grow.


Aloe Vera

This is another succulent, making it difficult to kill it. The plant is green with paler green and white dashes on the leaves. It does have sharp pints which you’ll want to be careful of. The plant likes direct sunlight and doesn’t need to be watered often.

The best approach is to put a finger in the soil. If the soil is dry for the first couple of inches its time to add some more water 

Air Plants

There are many different types of air plants but they are all very easy to look after. They don’t need any soil. These plants absorb moisture and nutrients from the air. All you have to do is find a nice spot for them and spray the roots once a week to ensure they are moist. Other than that, these plants take care of themselves!

Cheery Echeveria

This is another succulent that is used to the desert. They also adore the sunlight and will be grateful for a position in a sun-drenched window. They must have good drainage to prevent water from sitting on their roots and causing root rot. As such, they’ll only need watering once a month, when the soil feels completely dry.


Ivy is fast growing and trails everywhere, making it a popular option for many households. You don’t have to do much to look after this plant. Position them with indirect sunlight. They don’t like direct sun as it burns their leaves. But they do like indirect sunlight as opposed to dark and shady corners. 

You’ll want to water them once a week and don’t saturate the soil, they generally prefer drier environments and need minimal care.

Almost any plant can be killed if you never water it. But, the above plants take a lot of work to kill. That should help you to have the satisfaction of keeping them alive.

partnered post • cc-licensed image by Dave Hosford