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There’s nothing better than relaxing with a glass of red after a hard day or week at the office. Unfortunately, enjoying a glass of red often means that there are spills, and they can be difficult to remove.  

The good news is that it is possible to remove a red wine stain, even from a fabric couch. The key is to know what to do in advance and act quickly when it happens.  

Having said that, there is no harm in having the number of a professional and efficient sofa cleaning business. Even when you’ve been unsuccessful at removing the stain, you’ll be surprised at what they can achieve.

Act Fast

When you spill red wine you want to minimize how much of it goes into the fabric of your couch. The first step is to put your wine down where it can’t be knocked again. (That’s assuming there is anything left in the glass). 

With a clean cloth, you’ll want to dab the spill. It’s best to use a cotton cloth but most materials will do. The aim is to blot the spill not scrub, this allows you to remove the excess liquid without making the stain worse.

Don’t forget, rubbing makes it a bigger stain and pushes the liquid further into your fabric.

Dish Soap

Surprisingly, liquid dishwashing soap is very effective at reducing or even eliminating the red wine stain. You’ll need to put one tablespoon of the dish soap into two cups of cool water. The water can’t be hot as this effectively bakes the red wine into the fabric, making it permanent. 

Once you’ve mixed your water and dish soap use a clean sponge to blot the stain. Take your time doing this and keep the contact gentle. You should notice the red wine starting to come out. Keep going to ensure the red wine is fully lifted.

You can then use another cloth to continue blotting the area. You’re now aiming to remove the moisture from your fabric couch. Eliminating this is essential to prevent you from getting a watermark on the couch.

Protecting Against Stains

It doesn’t matter if you commonly spill red wine or not. It’s a good idea to speak to your local professionals regarding the best product to use to protect your couch. There are several products they’ll recommend that can be used to reduce the impact of spills.

In general, these products add a water-resistant layer to your couch. Red wine may still be able to penetrate this but it will take longer, buying you time to remove the liquid and avoid a stain.

The professionals

As mentioned, if you manage to blot the stain and eliminate some, but not all, of it, you’ll find that the professionals are very good at getting the rest out. Considering how expensive a new fabric couch is, or even re-upholstering your existing one, the small cost of help from a sofa cleaning service is worthwhile. They have the tools, equipment, and can offer great advice for future incidents. 

partnered post • cc-licensed image by Sharon Leon