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The 6 Most Popular Kitchen Layouts


The kitchen is often one of the largest rooms in the house and, for many, remains the center of the home. Of course, it is rarely in the actual center of the house as this creates issues for plumbing and the extraction of cooking smells. 

Nevertheless, as the center of your home, it’s important to spend some time considering the best layout of the kitchen. The right choice is personal but there are 6 commonly chosen layouts worth considering.

Before you rip out the old kitchen you should consider investing in outdoor kitchens, a bespoke outdoor kitchen can add practicality and value to your home. You can even use some of the components of your old kitchen.

1. One Wall

The one wall kitchen is a good choice when the kitchen is part of another room. It maintains the kitchen area but minimizes the amount of space it occupies. At the same time, all the units and appliances being on one wall gives you plenty of space to move around.

In short, it’s aesthetically pleasing and practical, especially if you’re limited on room

2. L Shaped

An L-shaped kitchen can work in small or large spaces. It can be designed in conjunction with wall units or as a standalone affair. This maximizes space around the kitchen while keeping the appliances together and easily accessible.

3. Islands

The island has long been a popular choice in kitchen design. However, in recent years islands have been getting bigger and even become the kitchen. These are a great idea for people that like to meet in the kitchen. Cooking, chatting, and even crosswords can all be done sat around the large island. This helps to make the kitchen the center of the home, which remains important to many families.

4. U Shaped

The U shaped is a great way of extending n the island or U shaped principle. It creates the same spacious feel around the kitchen and allows people to sit and chat while food is being prepared. But, the U shaped has the advantage in that the chef can remain inside the U, that’s their space. It prevents accidents from people bumping into each other and looks great.

In fact, it’s a great choice for busy families.

5. Peninsula

This is a balance between the one wall kitchen and the island. Instead of separating the two styles, it incorporates both. The peninsula literally comes out of the kitchen, jutting into the room. 

This is an effective way to have a traditional cooking space but gives space for family members to join in, creating a community feel.

6. Galley

Finally, the galley kitchen is generally reserved for small kitchen spaces. It is a row of cabinets on both sides with a small passage in the middle. This increases the storage space available in small kitchens which is important for larger families. However, there is limited space to move around, limiting the number of people that can congregate at the same time.

partnered post • cc-licensed image by Jeremy Levine