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Top Reasons Why Steel Frame Homes Are The Future


Steel has been used in the construction industry for many years. However, until recently it was mainly used in the commercial sector. It is only in recent years that it has gained popularity in residential builds. 

While the traditional Australian house is made from wood, there is an increasing number being made from steel. There are several reasons why this is likely to become the material of choice for the future.

Quality of Construction

A steel-framed house is made largely off-site at the factory. The pieces are then shipped to your site and put together to make the frame of your home. This means that reputable companies can make items like a universal steel beam. This can be used in many different styles of metal homes which allows the cost of constructing the beam to be minimized. A standard template ensures fast processing and the ability to ensure every beam is made to the same quality.

In short, you’ll know that every piece of metal in your steel frame house is made to the same high standard. It’s difficult to make the same claim about a wood frame house.

Cost of Build

Steel framed houses are cheaper to build. Although the steel generally costs a little more than the wood needed to make an equivalent house, you need substantially fewer resources on site. 

The steel is delivered on the back of a truck, you’ll need a crane to lift it off and position it while the pieces are bolted together. Of course, you’ll need a solid foundation before the metal arrives but you need foundations for a wooden house. 

Building with steel doesn’t just mean less manpower on-site, the erection is much faster. A house can be constructed in just a few days. That represents a huge cost saving in labor. 


Steel is strong. It’s much stronger than wood allowing you to create innovative designs. It is also more likely to withstand a hurricane or even floods. That makes it a good option if you live in a risk area.

Steel is also impervious to the elements, it won’t rot and can’t be attacked by pests. In short, it’s not just stronger, it’s much more durable. Of course, that doesn’t mean your house is impregnable if you attach wood to the steel frame that is vulnerable to the elements.

But, it’s not just steel framing you can use. It’s possible to use steel panels for the walls, making your house entirely from steel. It can even have different colors and textures, giving it a unique and modern feel. 

Environmental Factors

Modern steel is made by melting down old steel products. This surprisingly makes it an environmentally friendly option. In fact, steel is one of the few materials that can be 100% recycled, there is no wastage. 

The only environmental impact is from heating the steel to a high temperature to turn it molten again. This impact is significantly less than the damage caused by chopping down forests.

If you’re considering building your own home then it’s time you thought about a steel-framed house. The more you think about it the more sense it makes. They are likely to be the home of the future.

partnered post • cc-licensed image by Scott Stewart-Johnson