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Everything You Should Know About Shower Doors Before Buying

When looking for additional accessories to improve your bathroom or for remodeling, one of the things that come to mind is to create a closure for your shower space or an enclosure. 

A shower curtain may come to mind or may be what you have presently. However, upgrading the shower glass door may be all your bathroom needs. Shower glass doors can instantly transform your bathroom from its natural look to a modern one that has that wow and elegant look.

Before adding shower glass doors to your bathrooms, let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why you should have one.


Important Reasons To Add A Shower Door


  • Privacy:
    In a home where multiple individuals are using a bathroom, privacy is essential. Installing a shower door will ensure you get the privacy you need even while someone else is in the bathroom.
    There is a misconception that this is not possible with shower glass doors as all doors are transparent. This is not true, as numerous glass styles abound that can be installed as shower glass doors, and one of them is frosted glass.
    The frosted glass gives you the privacy you need as it blurs out object reflections without cutting out light and light reflections.

  • Elegant & Minimalist Décor:
    A dedicated shower area with a shower glass door or shower enclosure with a shower door may be all you need to create that look of elegance in your bathroom. For minimalism, shower glass doors ensure you are only working on the essentials that you need in a shower space.
    Glass is a material that instantly transforms any space in which it is incorporated. A shower glass door does precisely the same. The look of your bathroom will be upgraded from the regular and everyday look to a modern and elegant one.

  • Spa-Like Feel:
    Have you been longing to go to the spa, but there is no time? Or you just want to recreate the relaxing and calm feeling that comes with going to the spa in your bathroom? One of the key things to getting a spa-like feel at home is to have a dedicated shower space with a shower glass door.
    A shower glass door allows you to spend as much time as you want in the shower without getting disturbed, which is essential to achieving that calm and relaxing feel. Apart from that, a dedicated shower area with a shower glass door affords you the liberty to customize your shower area to reflect a calm, relaxing, and warm spa-like environment.

  • Easy Maintenance:
    You must have come across the general notion that glass as a material used in interior decoration is challenging to keep clean and maintain. This is not at all true. Compared to other décor materials, glass is durable and does not cost a fortune to keep it looking good and in top shape.
    Cleaning occasionally with a glass cleaner or homemade cleaning solution and a squeegee or lint-free cloth is enough to keep your shower door shining and as good as new. Other materials will require so much more to maintain.
    Besides the above, glass is a versatile material that does not show visible signs of age, wear, and tear. In years to come, the glass will still probably look the same way as it looked when it was installed when cleaned and maintained regularly.

What Makes Choosing A Shower Door More Attractive?


A shower glass door is an attractive addition to your bathroom with diverse customization options.

The first point of customization for shower doors is how the door will be installed. Shower glass doors can be installed as the following:

  • Framed shower glass door: These shower door types feature tempered glass panels and supporting frames. The supporting structures are, most of the time, made of aluminum. The aluminum can also be customized with powder coating to attain different colors. 
  • Frameless shower glass door: Frameless shower doors do not have supporting frames and, as a result, feature thicker tempered glass panels. The glass panes are connected and fitted together with hinges, clips, and brackets. They also feature rubber sweeps at the bottom to prevent water from leaking out of the shower enclosure.

Besides the installation style, which may be framed or frameless, there are diverse glass types to use in your shower glass doors. Whether your shower glass door will be installed as a framed or frameless design, you can have the following glass types incorporated into your door designs.


  • Frosted glass
  • Patterned glass
  • Etched glass
  • Bronzed glass
  • Transparent/Clear glass

What Luxury Design Options are Available?

Shower glass doors can be installed in a variety of designs and styles. Some of them include the following.


  • Sliding Shower Glass Doors:
    These are popularly referred to as bypass doors. It is installed with two or more glass panels on a track. The track allows the glass panels to slide along the defined pathway. Some models may use mechanical rollers to let the glass panels slide easily.

    This makes it easier to slide the door open and close.

  • Corner Shower:
    A creative way to make use of shower glass doors is to install them as a corner shower. This means the doors are installed in a dedicated corner of the bathroom to create a dedicated shower space.

    These are usually installed as hinge doors, and they will transform the look of your bathroom from a regular one to an elegant one.

    Screen fixed

  • Fixed Shower Screen:
    Fixed shower screens are shower door designs installed as single or double glass panels that are immovable. The glass acts as a cover and provides privacy. The glass can also be of different glass types, but the doors will remain fixed to a position and immobile.

  • Neo Angle Showers:
    Neo-Angle shower doors are installed at the points where two walls meet in a bathroom. They are round doors that give the shape of a cone after installation.

    Neo-Angle shower doors create a dedicated shower area in your bathroom and perform the functions of a shower enclosure. They are commonly used with stand-alone corner showers. As a result of the curved shape of neo-angle shower glass doors, they usually make the bathroom significantly bigger than its original size.

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