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Living in a clean home is one of the most crucial ways to maintain your physical and mental health. Chances are you aren’t going to be the happiest and most productive version of yourself if you are living in a messy house. The dust lingers on for weeks, clothes are all over the place, and you haven’t done the dishes. In isolation, these issues might not seem like a huge deal, but in reality, these things become a problem when they occur altogether.

We understand that there can be several reasons why your house can be messy, but that doesn’t mean that you leave it that way. Ensuring that your place is comfortable, neat, and tidy are essential functions that we need to maintain as adults. If you are self-aware that you live in a chaotic environment and want to change, this article is for you. Moreover, with the prevalence of the pandemic, deadly germs and microbes need to be avoided at all costs … and if you need a bit of extra help, there are house cleaning services out there that take all these things very seriously and will do it for you. 

Here are a few quick cleaning hacks to stay safe:

Call junk removal experts

If excess debris is lying around the house and needs removing, consider calling junk removal experts. They are especially helpful if you have moved into a new home in Philadelphia. Usually, the former tenants left a bunch of junk behind. It's too much to throw in the trash, so what do you do? It's simple, you call for junk removal in Philadelphia and have them get rid of all the unwanted debris.

The team will help take care of the junk in your house and aid you in the cleaning process. Once all the stuff is out of the way, you can focus on what is important and get down to dusting and disinfecting.

Vinegar works wonders

You might not think so, but vinegar is a fantastic cleaning agent. It is useful to shine steel appliances, clean out stains, and get rid of certain kinds of smells. We recommend that you add vinegar into your arsenal in the battle against germs and microbes in your house. If you have a cat usually messes up in the house, vinegar is a known suppressor of cat urine smell. Add it to a spray bottle with equal parts of water and watch how it cleans dirt as good as any other cleaning chemical. The only downside is that vinegar has a pungent smell of its own.

Add pesticides to your mop

If you have made some water with fresh cleaning agents to help clean and shine the floors, consider adding a capful of pesticide to the water. Once you mop the floors, you are spreading the bug killer throughout the house. Adding pesticides is a hack that few people consider. It goes a long way in cleaning the house and ensuring that bugs and other creepy crawlies don't linger around too long.

Nobody wants insects in their home. Moreover, insects like cockroaches bring a range of germs and bacteria with them. Keep them at bay with this simple hack!

Don’t use too many chemicals

Your first instinct to kill germs might be to use as many cleaning agents as you can when cleaning around the house. Chemicals might not always be the best idea. Not only can the chemicals stain your floors and furniture, but it can also be bad for your health! Only use a non-toxic, environment-friendly, and hospital grade sanitiser.

Strong chemicals can irritate your throat, and in extreme cases, pungent odors can damage your olfactory bulb! Therefore, you might want to consider dialing it back a bit regarding chemicals and other cleaning agents. Using alternatives from around the kitchen, such as baking soda, vinegar, and citric acid, can be great alternatives.

Use scalding hot water

In the fight against germs and bacteria, nothing works better than hot water. Mind you; we mean hot water, not warm. Warm water might even promote bacterial growth; hot water can kill most bacteria and help in the cleaning processes.

Hot water is also known to help dislodge sticky substances, which might have been tough to remove with regular water.


Though some of these quick cleaning tips seem relatively straightforward, you might notice that the majority of people are unaware of them. We rely so heavily on old school cleaning methods passed down through the generations that we fail to adopt modern ones.

Consider a combination of some of the cleaning hacks which we have mentioned here. Not only will they help keep the house clean, but they are considerably more eco-friendly and could help save you a bit of money in the long run. Besides, you might have the cleaning solution ready in your home. You don’t even have to go down to the local departmental store!

partnered post • cc-licensed image by Matilda Wormwood from Pexels