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Do you want to make your home look fresh and modern? Perhaps you’ve had the same décor for the last decade and you’re ready for a change. There are homeowners up and down the country that are looking for ways to give their home a clean and modern finish. Read on if you want to freshen up your home décor.

Address the walls

One thing in your home that can make the place look very dated is the colour and style of the walls. Big, garish wallpaper prints, bold colours and a lack of coherence between walls and furniture can make your home appear cluttered and poorly thought out. 

Stripping old wallpaper, re-plastering walls and giving the place a nice lick of neutral or white paint will instantly make your home feel cleaner and more modern. If you want to customise your home and give the walls a modern twist, why not hang some interesting art pieces on your freshly painted walls. These can be moved or replaced over time as your personal taste changes.

Increase open spaces

There are few people in this world that find dark, cramped spaces appealing. If you want to let light and air into your home, you could consider knocking down unnecessary walls to create a more open-plan design. 

It is, of course, important that you speak to an architect or chartered surveyor to make sure the walls you want to remove aren’t integral to the structure of the building. One false move and you could find yourself bulldozing a wall that supports the roof of your home! 

That being said, if you can open up the space in a safe and considered manner then you can give your home a highly-impactful new look. Turning two rooms, like your kitchen and dining room, into one bigger kitchen-diner will make it much easier to entertain guests and will give the illusion of a bigger home.

Modern floors

Take a look around, is your old, stained carpet creating a real eye-sore throughout your home? Perhaps it’s time to switch to a more modern flooring option. We’ve seen a lot of homeowners installing porcelain paving inside their homes to create contemporary, low-maintenance designs. 

By upgrading your old carpet for a more modern, tiled floor, you can make your home look effortlessly chic while also benefitting from all of the great features that porcelain has to offer. Porcelain pavers are stain-resistant, easy to wipe clean and a great investment for the future.

Out with the old, in with the new

People love to hold on to things for years and years and years. Because of this, clutter starts to appear all around the house, making it impossible to see a way to freshen up the décor. Our advice, give your home a major declutter. Get rid of things that no longer make you happy to make space for new things. 

Where you can, donate your old items to charity or sell them on. This will make it easier to let go of things because you know they’ll be going to a new home where they can make someone else happy. By clearing out the old and making room for the new, you give yourself space to explore your creativity.

Reduce, reuse, upcycle

If you’re not quite ready to get rid of all your old possessions, why not upcycle them. Old bits of furniture can be sanded and re-painted or varnished to give them a new lease of life. Pinterest is a great source of craft and design inspiration if you want to reduce your waste by upcycling your belongings. 

Sanding down an old coffee table and giving it a lovely new varnish, for example, can instantly transform the way it looks in your living room. This way of freshening up your décor is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to refresh your home décor.

partnered post • cc-licensed image by Jeremy Levine